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Orgonite / Orgone

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Orgonite / Orgone

Please note:
Orgonite / Orgone should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

Orgonite is a special material. It is a composition of synthetic resin, metal and gemstone. It can be cast in many shapes, like pyramids, discs, spheres, rods or pendants. Orgoniteā€™s name is derived from the word Orgone, coined by Wilhelm Reich. It means life energy, chi, ether, prana or zero point energy. Orgonite is used in energy work because according to its users, it converts negative energy into positive power. At Spiru you can buy Orgone as Orgonite in all of its most popular shapes and with different spiritual symbols.

How Orgonite was Created

Orgone is a term for etheric energy coined by the psychoanalyst and physicist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. According to Reich, this energy is a healing life force. He therefore tried to capture it with special devices. Years later, the couple Don and Carol Croft designed their own instrument based on Wilhelm’s work. They combined metal, resin and crystals to create the Orgonite Stone. Their version of the material is said to be able to convert negative forces into positive energy. The work of Reich and the Crofts is controversial within the scientific community. Like other therapies based on invisible energy, it is categorized as alternative medicine.

The Orgone Accumulator and Cloudbuster

Reich is known for his Orgone Accumulator and Cloudbuster, two devices made of mixed materials. The accumulators or Oracs consisted of a combination of natural and unnatural material, usually by way of alternating layers of fiberglass and steel wool. Chests were built in this manner for enthusiasts to sit in. The Cloudbuster was a much larger device made of copper tubing, intended to generate rain outdoors by manipulating Orgone in the atmosphere.

Buy Orgonite Online in Many Different Shapes

In our Orgonite web shop you can choose from the following forms:

  • Ball
  • Pyramid
  • Obelisk
  • Disks
  • Rods

Orgonite Ball

Orgonite Balls or spheres are free of sharp corners. For this reason, they would beĀ  especially well suited to balance the energy field in a living or working space. According to experts, spherical stones radiate an even energy. Because all ‘planes’ are equal, the energy of the stone would be spread in a gentle way. Circles also symbolize infinity and unity and are reminiscent of the floating planets in the universe. Everything is connected!

Orgonite Pyramid

According to users, the pyramid shape enhances the power of Orgonite. The energy attracted through the tip is said to be sent through the pyramid to the ground plane and back to the point again. In this way, high and low energy would connect and amplify. This powerful energy is said to then escape from the tip of the pyramid. Many people work with this emitted energy. In addition, these pyramids may help against complaints such as headaches, migraines and sleeping problems. Pyramids are also used in work spaces and study rooms to try to improve concentration.

Orgonite Obelisk

Orgonite Obelisks are polished in the form of a four-sided column with a pyramidal tip. According to many, the masculine energy of the obelisk represents strength and ambition. A solid base is formed on the ground that reaches up to the sky. It could therefore help in gaining new insights or in other forms of growth. Like pyramids, these products are widely used in energy work, such as constructing constellations and grids. Many people also place an Orgonite obelisk on their personal altar. Obelisks are a symbol of power and the energy of the sun. It shouldn’t be surprising that they were monuments to the sun god Ra in Ancient Egypt!

Orgonite Discs

Gemstones or Orgonite Discs can be used in several ways. Many people use them as decoration. You can also use the flat stones for working with energy. Many people use crystal discs as coasters. When an object or other gemstones energy needs to be restored you can place it on an Orgonite disc. You could do this in a constellation, on an altar or during a ritual.

Orgonite Rods

Massage Rods could help your body to relax and to remove waste products. Gemstone products are often used in holistic therapies such as acupuncture and guasha, as they may enhance the energizing effect of the treatment. Orgonite may transform negative energy into positive. Orgonite rods have a shape that is specially designed to help with the consistent application of pressure during a massage.

Jewelry such as the Orgonite Pendant

You will also find jewelry with Orgonite Stones in our Orgonite shop, such as the Orgonite Pendant. Wearing an Orgonite pendant is thought to reduce stress and it may help you to stay in tune with yourself by keeping negative energies of others away. This can be very calming of course. If you are attracted to the idea of an Orgonite pendant, but prefer not to wear it as a necklace, you could also carry it with you in your bag or pocket, or any other place that feels right for you. It will not interfere with the stoneā€™s potential.

Popular Uses of Orgonite Gemstones

Orgonite can be purchased for various purposes. Despite the scientific objections, many people are interested in the effects of Orgonite. People use the material when working:

  • with radiation
  • with animals and plants
  • in the garden
  • during energetic therapy

Used Against Radiation

Orgonite, according to some people, reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. That is why some people place an Orgonite pyramid near the TV, in their work space, or on the bedside table. Orgonite disks could also offer portable protection against electrostress and could easily be carried in bags or pockets for this purpose.

Orgonite for Animals and Plants

Orgonite stone is not only useful for people, animals and plants may also benefit from it. For example, it is thought to have a possible calming effect on pets. Picture Orgonite pendants on their collars or an Orangite pyramid next to the cat bed. In addition to animals, plants may also grow better with the material nearby. According to users, even vermin stay away from places where Orgonite is found. So consider Orgonite for your four-legged friends or favorite plant!

Using Orgonite Outdoors

Some people also use the material to energize or purify water. This is sometimes done for consumption, but also for watering crops. Variants of Orgonite are used in agriculture not only to improve the quality of water, but also that of the local air. Orgonite outdoor products are known as Chembusters.

Application in Therapy

Orgonite is popular as a tool in alternative therapies such as Chakra Balancing and Reiki. Therapists then place different shapes on or around the body, for example Orgone Chakra Stones on energy points. Many healers also place an Orgonite Pyramid of Black Tourmaline in the practice room to create a relaxed atmosphere. Rods would also be practical to target pressure points or to follow energy pathways.