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Orgonite / Orgone

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Please note:
Orgonite / Orgone should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

Orgonite is a special material. It is a composition of synthetic resin, metal and gemstone. These are used to make products that capture and distribute life energy. Most famous are the pyramids, reiki balls, massage rods and orgonite pendants. Some people like to make orgonite themselves, but there are also beautiful preformed products available. So everyone can enjoy the benefits!
What is orgone?
Orgonite is named after orgon, a term coined by Wilhelm Reich. Reich designed all kinds of devices. With this he wanted to capture life energy. He called this ethereal energy orgone, also known as prana, chi, ki or mana. According to Reich, this power was the basis of life and the opposite of electricity. He therefore designed the orgone accumulator with which he captured that energy. He also devised the Cloudbuster. That was a construction of copper tubes connected by running water. With this he tried to cause rain.

The Don and Carol Croft couple came up with orgonite as we know it today. They combined synthetic resin, metal and gemstone. According to them that worked the same as Reich’s devices. The addition of gemstone was their own idea. Crystals convert negative energy into positive energy. In this way the orgonite could not only capture energy, but also spread it.
What is orgone energy?
Orgonite is made to convert energy. The gems and crystals in orgonite capture positive energy. Then the metals rebound that energy. According to users, this creates a powerful effect. A pyramid, sphere or pendant converts negative energy. In this way the life energy in the environment is increased.

Every Orgonite product works differently. That’s because of the gem that’s in it. Each crystal has its own energy. So always choose a gem that suits you or your goal. There are also symbols on Orgonite. These are often forms from Sacred Geometry such as the Flower of Life or the eternal Spiraal. Also Reiki symbols or the Ohm-sign are common. The meaning of the gemstone or symbol enhances the effect of the energy. Double as powerful, so!
How to use Orgonite?
Orgonite collects negative charge from the environment. It can then convert these into positive energy. Therefore, these products are often used in problems with electromagnetic radiation. Think for example of signals from phones, wi-fi or masts. For example, you can place a pyramid in your house, in the office or in the bedroom. Many people experience that the harmful effects of radiation reduce. A large pyramid is suitable for one floor.

Orgonite is also used in nature to combat drought. It also filters the water. According to many, plants grow better through it and it keeps pests at bay. Even animals would react well to the presence of Orgonite.

Orgonite is also popular in alternative therapy. It is used for example in Reiki or chakra balancing. If you work with energy, it can be a powerful tool.
Orgonite experiences
It is of course personal whether Orgonite has an effect on you and how you experience it. Many users notice a difference in their energy level. A common result is better mood and resistance. Some people also sleep better because of it. Moreover, orgonite can help with sensitivity to the atmosphere. People who are sensitive to negative energy from the environment often use Orgonite to protect themselves from it. For many people it has a purifying effect on the aura.
Orgonite Products Products
There are now a lot of Orgonite / Orgone products available. The most popular is the Piramid by Orgonite. The pyramid is a primal form with special energetic properties. A pyramid draws energy from top to bottom. In this way he mixes high with low energy. Pyramids are therefore used for an even atmosphere. Next to the Orgonite pyramid you will find in our webshop Discs, Bulbs, Staven and beautiful Orgonite Pendants in all shapes and sizes. Pendants are ideal to carry with you as protection. Positive energy can be found at Spiru!