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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Buy Copper Drinking Bottle

Water can help you feel healthy and vital. Therefore, water bottles have become very important in our daily lives. You can use them while doing yoga, in the gym, or you can take them with you to work. In order to make sure you always have access to enough drinking water, a drinking bottle is a must have. A pure copper water bottle in particular is good for your health. Additionally, buying a copper bottle, or a drinking bottle in general, is friendly to the environment.

Buying a Drinking Bottle at Spiru

At Spiru, we included several copper bottles in our collection. Adorned with an imprint of the Flower of Life or the OHM pattern, these bottles are beautiful to behold. All the water bottles at Spiru are free of plastic. Additionally, during production, no softeners or other toxic gasses are used. At Spiru, we offer you the best copper water bottle.

Handmade in India

These unique, copper drinking bottles are handmade in India. They have been produced and used for over 200 years. Since these products are handmade, every bottle is unique and may therefore differ from the picture.

Copper in the Body

Copper is an essential mineral for the human body. Food often contains only small amounts of copper. Drinking from a copper bottle may help you to ingest the recommended amount per day. The water absorbs the copper and the nutrients. Furthermore, research has shown that copper cleanses the water of harmful bacteria and impurities. 

Copper Water Bottle Healthy

Using a copper water bottle is an easy and effective way to cleanse water. According to several medical studies, it would, among other things, kill the bacteria that causes diarrhea. As a result, copper is often used in developing countries to store water. It is a healthy and natural process; no chemicals come into play.

Other Benefits of Copper Water

It is believed that the antimicrobial property of copper has more health benefits:

  • Improved immunity and digestion
  • Increased metabolism
  • Balanced PH values

Balancing Doshas According to the Old Indian Ayurveda

Copper water bottles have been an important part of the Ayurvedic medicine system from India for thousands of years. According to the ancient Indian Ayurveda, drinking water from a copper bottle helps balance the three energies that circulate in the human body; they are called the Doshas (Vata- air element, Kapha- water element and Pitta- fire element).

Use of the Copper Water Bottle

Before use, rinse the bottle with warm water a couple of times. At first, copper drinking bottles may have a strong odor. Fill the bottle with water in the evening and drink from it the following morning. Water that has been stored in a copper bottle for a maximum of 16 hours has the best results. The bottles are not suitable for milk, citrus and sour liquids. Do not overuse the bottle, to prevent a surplus of copper in the body.

Maintenance of the Copper Water Bottle

With time, the copper water bottle will start to discolour due to oxidation. Additionally, the material may ‘stain’. These natural properties of copper do not have a negative effect on drinking from a copper drinking bottle. Also important to know:

  • Do not wash in the dishwasher
  • Clean with natural soap, soft sponge and water on room temperature
  • Use lemon wedges or copper polish to make the copper shine
  • Do not expose the bottle to direct sunlight

More Water Bottles at Spiru

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