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Candles are light and heat sources. They are usually made from paraffin, stearin or was and contain a cotton wick. That’s why they emit a soft and subtle light.
Usage & Meaning
For many people it is an everyday ritual to light a candle. For centuries they have been a regular part of rituals and ceremonies. You often see them in churches, temples and especially in people’s homes. For example, you light one for a diable, but you can also light one for a anniversary. Thus, you give meaningfulness to important events and bring symbolic light and heat into your life. Moreover, in many traditions the candle stands for spiritual lighting and awakening.
Materials & Types
At Spiru we have a extensive range of candles. They come in different shapes, scents and colours. We have tea lights, dinner candles or stomp candles. These can be heart-shaped or cylindrical. Generally they contain a certain odour or colour. The Chakra Candles, for example, occur in all colors of the rainbow.

Do you have a fine nose for different smells? With the delicious Scent Candles you can imagine yourself in the forest or between the mountains. You can also find tropical and spicy scents here. These take you on a journey to exotic India or Indonesia. Almost all candles are fair trade and handmade. They also contain the tastiest herbs and spices. Finally, there are the Affirmation candles or Photif candles with saints on them such as the ar angels, Maria and Jesus or the Buddha. All in all, enough to choose from!
Candles, Fragrance products & Atmosphere lights at Spiru
At Spiru we sell candles with a wonderful fragrance and a beautiful color. Are you ready for a quiet evening at home? Then light a few candles and fire down on the couch. Or even better, take a bath and place some candles on the rim of the bath. It’s best to pamper yourself , and we’d like to grant you that, especially a long and stressful working day. A little self-love does everyone good! Are you looking for a gift? Also in gift sets there is a wide choice. Perfect for when you want to give away some light or love.


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