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Candles – Mood Makers

Candles are cylindrical rods made of grease or wax with a wick in the center for burning. They usually contain a cotton wick. Candles are mainly used as lighting or mood makers for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Usage & Meaning

Candles have been used for centuries. You often see them in churches, temples and people’s homes. Burning is a common practice to commemorate a loved one during a service or on a birthday. Many people believe that this symbolically brings light and warmth into their lives. That is why candles also represent enlightenment and awakening in many spiritual traditions.

Yet for most people, burning a candle is an everyday ritual. For example, when it’s time for a quiet evening at home on the couch or in the bath. A candle is then lit for some extra relaxation after a stressful day. After all, candles are often given away as gifts to bring some light and love into someone else’s life.

Order Candles Online from Spiru

You can buy candles online at Spiru. We have an extensive range of candles. They come in different shapes, scents and colors. We have tea lights, dinner candle tapers, rustic pillar candles, and votive candles. These can be heart-shaped or cylindrical. In general, the candles contain a certain scent or color. The Chakra Candles, for example, come in all colors of the rainbow and often have a scent fitting to the specific chakra. And do you already know the authentic Ghee Candles? These candles are made from clarified butter. Many hindus light these butter lamps to purify their homes and hearts.

Our assortment also includes wonderfully Scented Candles. For example, we have ambiance candles in the Forest or Mountain Air variants. Floral scents such as roses and lavender are also available here. Don’t forget the tropical and spicy varieties. These are reminiscent of exotic India or Indonesia. In addition to fair trade and handmade, we sell eco-friendly candles and ecological candles. They contain enchanting herbs and spices. Finally, there are the Votive Candles and Affirmation Candles with saints on them such as the Archangels, Mary and Jesus or the Buddha. All in all, plenty to choose from when searching for the perfect candle online!

Mood Makers from Spiru

Everyone knows how important a comfortable and cozy living environment is. Spiru’s collection of Mood Lights contributes to this. Do you want to make the interior of your home even cozier? Then take a look at the Decoration & Ambiance Collection. If you then combine the Fragrance Oils with a nice Oil Burner, your house will smell great too. You can find candles and other products in our Home & Living Collection at Spiru.