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Tongue Scraper

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Tongue Scraper

You can buy a tongue scraper and use it as a tool to remove deposits on the tongue. This act is an important part of traditional Ayurveda medicine. Not only traditional,using ayurvedic tongue scrapers is an oral hygiene practice that is becoming increasingly embraced in the west. A clean tongue is not only a great help in preventing bad breath, but may be beneficial to your health in general. It is no wonder that this instrument is used all over the world!

What Causes Tongue Residue?

A layer of residue on your tongue is normal and everyone has it. The deposit can be thick or thin, yellow-brown or more white in color. The layer consists of proteins in which all kinds of good bacteria live. Nevertheless, the tongue looks its most healthy if it is uniformly pink. Tongue residue looks different on everyone. This is partly due to different eating habits, medication use, and general oral hygiene. Even though much of the bacteria is good, there are species that have less pleasant consequences.

A Tongue Scraper Can Prevent Bad Breath

Tongue residue is the waste that remains in your mouth. It can have some minor health consequences, but the most noticeable side effect is it causes bad breath. The deposit at the very back of the tongue, close to the uvula, often contains stench-producing bacteria. If you remove the deposits with a tongue cleaner, you not only have fresh breath, but the healthy micro-organisms get the chance to prevent the odors.

How to Use a Scraper to Clean Your Tongue

In the morning, rinse your mouth with warm water or drink a glass of lukewarm water. This will ensure that your morning dry mouth is moistened. Hold the tongue scraper by the ends and scrape the deposits about three times with a light pressure. When doing this, stick your tongue out as far as possible. You then move the cleaner from the back part to the front part of the tongue. After every scrape, rinse the tongue cleaner with hot water. You don’t need to scrape extra hard or more than a few times, as this could disrupt the natural flora of the tongue. You could do this routine a couple times a day. You should feel fresh and healthy after scraping!

Copper Tongue Scraper and Other Varieties

There are different types of tongue scrapers. For example, you have soft rubber cleaners in all kinds of varieties, for example with an extra brush. In addition, there are copper scrapers that not only remove the bacteria on the tongue, but also have a positive influence on Ayurvedic health . According to this tradition, copper has an extra purifying effect. By doing an Ayurveda Test, you will find out which other holistic care methods suit you!

Why you Shouldn’t Order a Plastic Tongue Scraper

When you start working with your body, you naturally want to use the best products. That is why it is important to purchase a good tongue scraper. Because the oral mucosa is sensitive, a plastic tongue scraper could burden your tongue and body with harmful plastics and chemical residue. Many people also use their toothbrush to clean their tongue. This is fine for your tongue in the short term, but a toothbrush itself is difficult to clean. The bacteria would therefore remain on the toothbrush and that is of course not productive for the next use!

Copper Tongue Scraper – Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, your tongue is a good indicator of your general health. That layer on the tongue could reveal a lot about the digestive organs such as your stomach and intestines. The thin layer of deposits on the tongue develops overnight. According to Ayurvedic teachings, this is a kind of waste, which they call Mala. According to this knowledge, the mala should be removed with a metal tongue scraper. There are three doshas: Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Traditionally, a specific type of metal is used for each dosha. Gold belongs to Vata, silver to Pitta and copper to Kapha. These metals could have a purifying effect and help in the removal of waste. Such an Ayurveda tongue scraper made of copper would be suitable for removing the mala tongue residue.

Natural Care at Spiru

Of the many ways you can introduce natural care into your daily routine and products you can buy, tongue scrapers are a great place to start. But also try our Organic Soaps like Aleppo and Marseille Soap. You can use these miracle blocks as a cleaning agent, but even as a replacement for your toothpaste – that’s organic oral care! You can read about how to use these soaps Here. Pamper yourself in a natural way, with a rejuvenating Gua Sha Massage using Essential Oil. The possibilities are endless! You complete your organic care collection at Spiru!