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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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White Sage & Smudge

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Buying Smudge

Smudge is a ritual or holy ceremony to cleanse fields of energy around people, animals or spaces. Often, specific herbs or woods like sage or palo santo are used.

Origins of the Smudge Ritual

Throughout the centuries, rituals have been performed during which people used herbs or incense to cleanse. Originally, the term ‘smudging’ comes from Native Americans. They used white sage, sweetgrass and other herbs during their cleansing rituals. According to Shamans, the smoke that is released has special qualities. They believed that the smoke could enter the material, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Furthermore, they believed that this smoke could expel the energy of others. Thus, its effects were believed to be cleansing and stimulating.

How to Smudge?

Step 1: Light the smudge or palo santo stick and blow out the flame.

Step 2: Put the herbs in an abalone shell with a layer of sand or in a fire-proof bowl. You also have the option to simply hold the stick yourself.

Step 3: First, cleanse yourself of any negative energy.

Step 4: Spread the smoke carefully through the house, including all the corners. This can be done with your hands, or with a special smudge feather. While walking around, you could recite a prayer or a blessing. 

Step 5: Put the smouldering stick in a bowl and let the fire go out. Afterwards, fill the room with positive energy.  

Smudging with Spiru

Are you looking for a cleansing ritual and do you want to buy smudge? We recommend you to read our blog about Burning Sage for an explanation on how to cleanse your house using white sage. Afterwards, you can start your very first cleansing. Carefully hold the smudge stick made of white sage or holy wood, and dangle it around in the room. Complete your ceremony with our handy smudge necessities and beautiful Abalone Shells! Smudging starts at Spiru!