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White Sage

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Buying White Sage

At Spiru, you can buy sage! You can also buy white sage! White sage can be used for all kinds of different purposes, such as cleansing the living space. While white sage is especially known, there are multiple variants of this herb. For centuries, sage smudge sticks have been used during rituals and smoke ceremonies. The herb is believed to have spiritual effects. In addition to smudge sticks, products like incense sticks and cones are also made of this plant; white sage is a versatile product!

The White Sage Plant

Sage leaves are picked from a plant that is known as the Salvia officinalis. You might already know this sage variant as a herb that you can use while cooking. White sage leaves come from another variant of sage, known as the Salvia Apiana. This variant is often called ‘holy sage’ and mainly occurs in California, America and northwest Mexico. Furthermore, the blue, black, desert and mountain sage variants are also used for incense. 

White Sage’s Symbolic Effect

It has been believed for centuries that white sage has all sorts of positive effects. For example, the herb is used by many people for its cleansing qualities. It is believed that white sage removes negative energies, thus making space for positive ones; the Native Americans are known for using sage for this purpose during cleansing rituals. The word ‘smudging’ also originates from the Native Americans. During a ‘smudge’ ritual, a space, person, animal or object is cleansed by the smoke of a burning sage stick.

White Sage Incense Variants

In addition to the different sorts of sage plants that exist, like the California white sage, shasta sage and desert sage, there are many different kinds of white sage incense. Amongst others, you can buy white sage smudge in the variants:

  • Smudge sticks
  • Loose sage leaves
  • Incense herbs
  • Incense sticks and cones

Smudge Sticks

You can buy white sage smudge in stick form if you are looking for an easy way to burn the herb. The loose sage leaves are bound together with a rope, thus forming a stick. They come in different sizes; you can buy smudge sticks in the shape of a small torch, or as a large bouquet. 

Loose Sage Leaves

You can buy dried sage as loose incense. You can make a smudge stick yourself out of the loose leaves. You could even add other herbs to your DIY smudge stick. There is also the option of leaving the loose leaves to smoulder on charcoal, or even burn them per leaf. At Spiru, you can buy coals that are meant for this purpose.

Incense Herbs

Incense herbs are also called ‘loose incense’, but in the case of herbs the dried leaves are grinded into small pieces. White sage is also available as incense herb. This kind of incense is burned on charcoal, which causes the herb to smoulder and release smoke. 

Incense Sticks and Cones

You can buy white sage in the shape of incense sticks or incense cones. The white sage or other sage variant is processed in the incense. The smell of the herb may differ per product, because there may be differences between how it’s made or different variants of sage may be used. However, to many users, the effect remains the same. 

Smudge Ceremony Necessities 

If you want to organise a smudge ceremony, just like the Native Americans, you need a couple of items. If you are going to use a smudge stick with white sage to cleanse your house of negative energies, the following items will come in handy:

  • Abalone shell or fireproof bowl. You could place your smouldering sage stick in an abalone shell for a while. The abalone shell will catch the ash. The shell is the symbol for water, which is one of the elements. 
  • Feather. With a feather, you could further spread the smoke that is coming off of your sage stick across the room. Additionally, a feather symbolises air. 
  • Fire. In order to light your sage stick, you obviously need fire. While the stick will smoulder really well once you light it, it may stop burning during smudging. Thus, keep a lighter close.
  • Bowl of water. May come in handy once you are done smudging, or when you want to put it out for another reason. 

What White Sage and Palo Santo have in Common

In addition to holy white sage, there is ‘holy wood’, or palo santo. For centuries, both sage and palo santo have been used during rituals. Burning palo santo is similar to burning white sage, because you need the exact same equipment. The only difference between the two is that the wood might not burn as long as the sage stick. You can buy palo santo in combination with white sage in a ‘cleanse your house’ package that is created by Spiru!

Energetic Cleansing with Spiru

Are you interested in an energetic cleansing? We recommend reading our tips and tricks for cleansing your house with sage. You could also, for example, create a golden triangle. A golden triangle consists of the gemstones amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz; it is believed that the combination of these crystals helps restore the harmony in a room. Light, too, has the power to help create a better atmosphere, such as the light from a salt lamp. People who have experienced the calming light of the salt lamp are overwhelmingly positive! Furthermore, if you place an order for an item that is in stock, we will send it to you the same day!