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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Palo Santo

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Always wanted to do a cleansing ritual? With Palo Santo, you can do no wrong. Palo Santo is a wood type originating from the Bursera Graveolens tree. This tree grows in South-America, in the Andean region. The sold incense sticks have already fallen off the tree, so no trees are cut down for production. The wood must first mature for about 4 to 10 years before it gets its iconic scent. Palo Santo is 100% natural and nothing is added in addition to the wood. When it burns, a sweet smell is released. 

Why Buy Palo Santo Sticks?

Palo Santo can be bought for many reasons. Nowadays, it is still used to cleanse something or someone and to get rid of negative energy. According to users, besides having a positive effect on the mind, Palo Santo is supposedly also beneficial for the body. Traditionally, Palo Santo wood sticks have been used as a remedy for headaches, colds, negative feelings, and fears. 

The Power Of Palo Santo

Indigenous people have been using Palo Santo for religious ceremonies or to cast away spirits or negative energy. The Shamans have been using the holy wood since the times of Inca’s. They believe that the wood has a healing aspect and that is why they see Palo Santo as holy wood. Even the Maya’s used it in different kinds of ceremonies to protect themselves from negative energy or spirits. 

Smudging With Palo Santo 

Smudging is an act or ceremony that has been done by Indigenous people for centuries. With smudging, certain herbs are being burned or literally smudged. This is done to banish evil spirits and negative energy. Palo Santo can also be used for smudging, but Burning Sage is done more commonly. Smudging can also be done to cleanse a person, space, or crystals. This way, the crystals will be cleansed and can be recharged again under a Full Moon for example! 

Palo Santo Buy Online

Not only can Palo Santo be used to cleanse, but according to users, it can also be used for focus and rest. Concentration levels could improve if the aromatic wood is burned while someone is studying, reading, meditating, and so on. If Palo Santo wood is bought online, make sure the wood is 100% natural. Go for sustainability! 

The Best Place To Buy Palo Santo

Have you been wanting to buy Palo Santo, but did not know where? You’re at the right place! At Spiru, we strive for the best quality and, now more important than ever, sustainability. Spiru is the way to go! 

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