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Shamballa: Discover the Treasures of a Mythical Kingdom

By Maggie 24 November 2022
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Shamballa is a mythical kingdom that has been encouraging spiritual adventurers to find their own way for centuries. Curious what you will find there? Read here what to expect!

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Shamballa, according to Tibetan Buddhism, is a mythical kingdom in which there was an innate sense of belonging. Although it is a symbolic place, the inspiration it provides for modern monks and contemporary healers is very real. Here you can read about this lost realm and how people are trying to bring the Shamballa energy closer through the:

  • Meditate with Shamballa Bracelets
  • Working with Shamballa Reiki

This is the Buddhist Myth of Shambhala

The oldest story of Shambhala is from Tibetan texts dating back to around 1100. They describe a lost realm near the Himalayas in which there was no disease or poverty and all residents faithfully practiced Buddhism. The kingdom itself was in the shape of a Lotus Flower, the sign of peace and personal growth. Spiritual seekers have even created guide books over the centuries since to find Shambhala, although most people read them as symbolic stories about the road to enlightenment.

buddha on lotus flower meditating

Modern Healers and Shamballa Meaning

For modern healers, Shamballa has significance as a source of special energy. According to them, this ancient empire is connected to other mythical places such as Atlantis and Lemuria. The purpose would be to learn from these lost civilizations, by connecting with their forces of light and love. For this, energy workers use special Shamballa symbols and channel knowledge from a Guardian Angel or other spirit guides.

Inspiration is found in Shamballa

Whether you are interested in Tibetan legends or are inspired by New Age thinking, the magical Shamballa can inspire:

  • love for yourself and your own development
  • discovering your own power
  • the release of old patterns or Karma
  • connectedness with others

Meditate with Shamballa Bracelets

According to Buddhists, meditation and prayer are ways to connect with the symbolic Shambhala. So you can see this kingdom mainly as an inner state, which you come to by practicing detachment and kindness. How do you do that? For example, by repeating loving mantras daily with the help of a Shamballa Bracelet. This meditation aid works the same as a Mala or rosary, only with the added intention of reminding you of that beautiful place!

blue beads shamballa bracelet

Healing with Shamballa Energy

If you want to learn to tune in to the power of this lost empire, you can try visiting a Shamballa Reiki healer. The name says it all: this form of energy work is based on Reiki, a method in which practitioners would transmit universal energy through their hands. Shamballa power would be many times stronger and focus mainly on personal love and freedom. Treatments with this reiki energy are therefore usually short. They also focus mainly on knowing who you are and what your own way of life is. Curious? You can book such a treatment or have yourself initiated by a special Shamballa Master.

Need to Practice with Compassion?

Shamballa can inspire you to develop compassion. For many people, the first step is Self-Love, something you can practice in many ways. For example, repeat positive Mantras, Meditate daily on your beautiful qualities or give yourself Affirmations. Massage also helps people to love themselves, just like Yoni Massage where self love and compassion is central. Do you need some understanding for yourself sooner? Then it can help to have your own Horoscope read. According to astrologers, this map of the stars shows that you do not exist by accident. According to this philosophy, every person has his own challenges and unique talents. Knowing what yours are might help with self-acceptance!

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