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By Marije 1 July 2020
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Himalayan salt lamp benefits: Always wanted to upgrade your room with a Himalayan salt lamp, but didn’t know how to do it? This blog is here to help you out!

himalayan salt lamps

More popular than ever, the Himalayan salt lamp has become an indispensable piece in your home decor. Not only does it look great, but it is also believed to have many health benefits. Once lit, the lamp purportedly releases so-called negative ions. Are you interested in what a Himalayan salt lamp does? And are you curious as to how ions are believed to be beneficial for your health? Continue reading!

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Known for its famous pink colour, the Himalayan salt lamp can emit a warm glow. The lamps are made out of Himalayan rock salt, which can be found in Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. The mines are located on the south side of the Himalayan mountains. Advocates of the salt lamp claim that the lamps can help clean the air in your home, boost your mood, help you sleep and even soothe allergies.

How Does a Salt Lamp Work

The salt that is used to make the lamps contains small amounts of minerals. These are said to be natural air ionisers and produce negative ions, and it is believed they can change the electrical energy of the circulating air. It is believed that these lamps produce ions by attracting water particles. However, this theory has not yet been tested. It is currently unclear whether the Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions in meaningful amounts.

Ions Explained

Ions are believed to be compounds that carry a charge, because they have an unbalanced number of electrons or protons. They are produced naturally in the air when alterations occur in the atmosphere; for example, waterfalls, storms, heat and natural radioactivity. These natural phenomena release negative ions. When there is negative, there is also positive. These are called positive ions. Positive ions mainly arise through the use of electric appliances, such as cell phones, computers and televisions. Negative ions are said to be beneficial to the human body. For once, it is considered more promising to have more negative than positive aspects in your life.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Effect

It is believed that, when the Salt Lamp is turned on, the salt crystals are activated by the heat of the light bulb inside the lamp. It is said that the crystals are hygroscopic and absorb water molecules, along with dust, mould, bacteria and other particles that can be found in air. Purportedly, the heat from the light bulb evaporates these water molecules and the contaminants remain inside the lamp, which results in producing and diffusing negative ions. In conclusion, Himalayan salt lamps are considered to be natural purifiers!


salt lamp small

How to Use the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are especially suitable for any place where serenity is desired. This could be, for example, the living room, bedroom, hallway or office. Lamps can also be placed next to electric appliances because they are believed to help reduce electromagnetic pollution. The lamps come in different forms; for example, there is a night light, candle lamp or a standing lamp on a wooden base. Use it to your advantage by placing the lamp on your desk (next to your computer) or bedside table.

Pros and Cons of the Himalayan Salt Lamp

The salt lamp seems too good to be true; it is believed to have many health benefits, such as increasing the metabolism of your skin, body and brain. However, make sure to always seek professional medical care for any of the health issues mentioned in this blog. A salt lamp should not be considered a replacement for medical care. That being said, the Himalayan salt lamp is believed to have a positive effect on:

  • Your sleep schedule
  • Your energy
  • Asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Improve concentration

Your Sleep Schedule

When there is a deficiency of negative ions, negative feelings could occur. The diffusion of negative ions is believed to have a calming effect on the human body, which could lead to a better night’s rest.

Your Energy

A clean environment is said to be beneficial for your mood and thus also for your energy levels. It could improve your serotonin levels, also known as ‘happiness hormones’. This is believed to have a positive effect on your mood and stress levels.

Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Combine negative ions together and you get a heavy combination of ions that sinks to the ground. As the ions descend, they are believed to carry bacteria and dust particles that hold viruses. When you clean your house, you automatically clean up these particles, which could be beneficial for people with asthma and other allergy symptoms!

Improve Concentration

It is believed that exposure to negative ions could reduce stress and enhance overall performance. The ions increase oxygen and blood supplies to the brain, purportedly making Himalayan Salt Lamps great tools for the improvement of concentration.

The cons of the Himalayan Salt Lamp actually have nothing to do with health. The cons mentioned are mainly about the lamp and the material used:

  • The lamps can be heavy
  • Can sweat in a humid atmosphere
  • Fragile
  • The salt that is used is corrosive

How to Clean the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Since the contaminants remain inside the lamp, proper care is needed. Never immerse the lamp in water or leave it in an area where water will directly come in contact with its surface. To clean the lamp, simply use a damp washcloth to wipe the surface clean. This way no dust will remain on it. It is also possible to use a dry cloth or a brush. Do not use soap or any other cleaning products. If you stick to these cleaning routines, you will enjoy your lamp for many years!


white sage and salt lamp

More Magical Crystals

At Spiru, you can find all sorts of variations of Himalayan salt lamps. There is no best Himalayan salt lamp. Pick one that you are drawn to. If you want to make sure you buy ‘the best’, look up a Himalayan salt lamp review! This can be very helpful to make the right choice. Have you become interested in crystals? Take a look at our Selenite Lamps; selenite is considered to be a spiritual crystal that could help clear the mind and is beneficial for meditation. Looking for a way to cleanse your crystals? Spiru offers a variety of White Sage and Smudge. All your spiritual needs will be fulfilled at Spiru!

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