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Gemstone massage products are used to work with energy on the body. They are natural stones cut in a specific shape. They thus combine properties of the natural stone with the function of the form. With each instrument you can apply different massage techniques and achieve different energetic effects. That is why they are indispensable for any holistic therapist or practitioner.

Gemstone massage products are not only handy in use, but also intended for pleasant contact with the skin. Of course you can use them with yourself!



Massage or treatment rod
These are gemstones cut into different shapes and thicknesses. Both ends are of the stone are equal. Rods can be straight, pointig or turned. Round bars are also called rollers. Massage rods are used for different purposes. For example, pointy can support pressure point or meridian massage.

Massage griffles are polished gemstones with a tapered, rounded tip. They can be smooth, turned or bent. Griffels vary in size from 7.5 cm to about 12 cm long. They are used in massage techniques that work with pressure points, such as reflex zone and meridian treatment.

Massstick in S-shape
A massagestickis a gemstone cut in an ergonomic S-shape. This makes it easy to put your thumbs in the curves. This improves grip. It also allows you to apply the desired pressure.

Massage, hand and support stones
You will find loose massage stones or hand stones. There are also sets available in different gemstone types. These contain sawn and polished gemstone slices of 4 – 6 cm, also known as bag stones. They lie comfortably in the hand and on the curves of the body.

Acupuncture Stick
A acupuncture stickis a gemstone cut into a pear shape. This form is often used in acupressure. The stick is then held on the wide side. The rounded point touches pressure points or trigger points.

Guasha scrapers
These small smooth polished scrapers are used in Chinese massage technique Gua Sha. In this massage, shapes are scraped over the skin with gemstones. In this way, waste products are released and energetic blockades can be treated. The skin will turn red, but this will disappear after a few days.

Hotstones are polished basalt stones that are heated up for use. This helps to relax the muscles. Hotstones are used in Shiatsu, among other places.

Magic Finger
The Magic Finger is a tool that allows you to massage difficult spots yourself. It is as it were an extension of your hand. Ideal for back pain, for example.

Edel stones matje
A precious stone matje is applied in skin massage. It can also be used to charge gemstones or to make gemstone water.



The smooth, round shapes of our massage stones ensure a pleasant contact. Both in terms of grip and experience on the skin. For masseur and massaged products feel organic.

Before use, it is pleasant to first warm up the stones. Natural stone feels cold and that can cause tension. Hold the massage stones in your hand for a while or close to your body. You can also heat them up for a few minutes in not boiling water.

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