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Or Tea?

Or tea? has the best organic tea from around the world. The special blends are made by real tea lovers. Tea is often the last option when someone is offered a drink. Or tea? is a refreshing modern development of the Chinese art of tea with the age-old tradition in mind. It may be old, but Or Tea? wants to introduce this newly hip drink in a fun way to a new generation of tea drinkers. Or Tea? meets everyone’s expectations for great tea. At Spiru you can easily order the popular flavors of Or Tea? online and there is plenty of choice for any tea lover.

Or Tea? Packaging

Or Tea?’s signature packaging is a feast for the eyes. It’s been nicknamed the Instagrammable tea. This trendy packaging with cheerful colors and illustrations has made the tea brand popular among young people. Each tin contains loose leaf tea in combination with herbs, flowers, fruits and various spices. The brightly colored packaging is a nice collector’s item to liven up your kitchen cabinets. The loose tea bags are biodegradable. The beautiful illustrations on the outside of the packaging are printed with soy ink.

Where Tea Originally Comes From

Originally from China more than 4000 years ago, tea was first enjoyed hot. There is a legend that Shen Nung, a cultivator of medicinal herbs, discovered it when a few leaves accidently fell into a pot of boiling water. Green tea has been produced in Yunnan for centuries, but the black tea from this Chinese province is among the best in the world.

This Makes Or Tea? Special

What makes this tea brand so special is the premium organic Chinese tea of ​​the very best quality. The choice is huge and every tea from Or Tea? has its own aroma, flavor and aftertaste. This gives each sort its own character and story. Every tea is unique, and trust us, you’ll want to try it all! The combination of hip illustrations and the ancient tradition makes tea drinking an artistic activity.

Order Or Tea? to Give as a Gift

The large selection of different teas, each with their own unique story and taste, in combination with the colorful packaging makes this tea a great gift to give. In addition, Or Tea? offers a special gift box with nine different flavors. Also nice to give or to add to your own collection is the Beee Calm mug or the Or Tea? Mug Long Life Brows. These come with a matching lid and stainless steel strainer.

Or Tea Flavors

The organic tea flavors from the Or Tea? are innovative and officially certified by the globally recognized IMO Control as organic products. In addition, the flavors of the growing tea brand are not only a party on the tongue, but also healthy for body and mind. For example, the green tea is full of antioxidants and the ‘Beeeee calm’ chamomile tea is good for a calming zen moment. In addition to this soothing tea, you can choose from:

  • Mount Feather
  • Duke’s Blues Earl Grey
  • EnerGinger Herbal Tea Ginger
  • Lychee White Peony White Tea
  • Natural Tea Blossoms

Mount Feather

These typical straight and tightly rolled leaves are only harvested in the spring. The processed leaves, which resemble the mountain peaks in a Chinese ink drawing, and white hair covering the tea leaves before processing are where the name ‘Mount Feather’ comes from, they together have a feather like appearance. This green tea is one of the best teas in great China. In the past, only emperors were allowed to drink the tea as a tribute.

Duke’s Blues Earl Grey

Traditional Earl Gray tea is one of the most famous flavors of tea. Originally Earl Gray is not a type of tea. It can be based on any type of tea that has a scent and/or taste added. This Earl Gray consists of a base of black tea, flavored with oil from the peel of bergamot oranges.

EnerGinger Herbal Tea Ginger

In Chinese medicine, ginger is widely used for healing, as it is said to nourish and restore the Yang. The fragrant, pungent root has been used for centuries to make tea, in both traditional Eastern and Western healing methods. Ginger tea offers a whole host of powerful health benefits. Or Tea?’s ginger tea is powerful and refreshing. A cup of it would give a sort of Popeye effect: an extra dose of energy to take on the whole world.

Or Tea? Lychee White Peony

White tea is unprocessed. The leaves are just picked and air dried, but not shaped or crushed. Sometimes the tea leaves are dried in a tumble dryer to aid the drying process. In Chinese mythology, White Peony is the most beautiful courtesan, seducing her clients with her impressive beauty. This popular Chinese tea with a hint of soft peony is enriched with a light perfume of lychee.

Natural Tea Blossoms

The special thing about this variant of green tea is that it is not normal loose tea, but flowers! When the marigolds in the tea hit the hot water, they will open. Natural Tea Blossoms is a unique product, so make sure you serve it on special occasions.

Using Loose Tea

To drink this tea, it is best to take a look at the instructions for use. Each tea has an ideal amount of tea per glass, drinking temperature and steeping time. In general, a full teaspoon of tea in a tea strainer with 200 ml of boiled water that you let steep for about 5 minutes should suffice, but this varies by tea variety. Of course you can also let it steep according to your own taste.

Or Tea? Refill

For the tea drinkers that go through their supplies quickly, there is the Or Tea? refill. These containers are there to refill the characteristic cylindrical and colorful tea tins. This way you never have an empty can in the cupboard and you don’t have to buy a new one. There is nothing more annoying than duplicate collector’s items.

More For the Tea Drinkers

At Spiru we have more products for tea lovers. Shoti Maa, for example, aims to produce tasty tea while making the traditions of yoga and ayurveda known to everyone. Their teas are based on the 7 chakras. The flavors are traditionally composed based on the finest quality organic ingredients, herbs and spices. The Tea for One label produces beautifully decorated teapots and cups in one, on a nice saucer and in colorful packaging. Indispensable for the avid tea drinker. Find your perfect tea ritual with Spiru!