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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Massage Balls

Massage balls or Meridian balls are originally from China. They are also known as “Baoding’s Treasures”. Spinning the spheres in the hands would improve circulation and disperse energy. At the same time, this has a massaging effect.

Why They’re Sometimes Called Meridian Balls

According to classical Chinese medicine, specifically the Jing Luo theory, the life energy “Qi” flows through the meridians in our bodies. These are energy pathways that are connected to important parts of the body, such as the cervical vertebrae, the heart, and other vital organs. The ends of these lie in the hands and fingers, among other places and are known as pressure points.

Other Positive Effects of the Massage Balls

In addition to maintaining and restoring Qi and distributing life energy among important organs, they could also have other positive effects, according to users massage balls:

  • relax muscles in hands and fingers
  • training brain hemispheres through left and right-handed exercises
  • improve concentration and coordination
  • promote blood circulation
  • give a calming effect
  • potentially build and strengthen muscles when using heavier bullets

Exercises with the Massage Balls

One of the purposes of the massage balls is to loosen and strengthen the muscles of the hand. It is recommended to use the massage balls every day for the most effect. To practice with a massage ball or multiple massage balls, you can try some meridian balls exercises. Always start with the smaller bullets. Rotate the balls alternately left and right in the hands. They should not touch each other, so that you can eventually turn the massage balls up to the fingertips. Over time, your hands and fingers will become more flexible.

The Origin of These Spheres

In the beginning, two walnuts were used to make it spin in the palm. It was only much later that the spherical shape emerged, which Emperor Jia Jing decided to investigate to see if they really worked. Because of the positive results they became even more popular and continued to evolve. Later still, the metal bullets became hollow inside. Some tnow have a special mechanism inside that makes sound by means of a bell or springl. Since then, meridian bullets have become an integral part of Chinese culture.

Massage Ball in Different Materials

You can buy massage balls in different shapes and sizes. In addition, the range consists of different materials:

  • Wood – very lightweight
  • Metal – with a bell or spiral inside
  • Stone – often marble or jade. Provides more grip due to the roughness of the stone.

The different materials also look different on the inside. Some balls make a sound, while other massage balls are not hollow on the inside and are therefore extra heavy. The extra heavy variants are for the advanced practitioners.

Supplied in a Silk Box

The massage balls are sold per two in a red, blue, green, or black box. These boxes are padded with beautiful Chinese silk embroidery. This also makes them easy to take with you, so you can relax wherever you are.

Meaning of the Decorations on the Massage Balls

Some Massage Balls have beautiful decorations. Below you will find the different images and symbols with their spiritual meaning:

  • Yin Yang – This Tao sign represents the eternal, the limitless, and the foundation of everything. For good and evil, the earth and heaven, the soul, the primal power, the creation, the nothing and the everything.
  • Dragon – Mainly stands for strength, courage and steadfastness. Dragons are the embodiment of primal power. They are the ruler of the four elements earth, fire, water and wind.
  • Elephant – The symbolic meaning of elephants are strength, honor, stability, and patience.
  • Butterfly – Stands for transformation.

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