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Gua Sha

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Gua Sha therapy is an ancient treatment originating from traditional Chinese medicine, in which you treat your skin with so-called ‘scrapers’ in places where you feel blockages. The goal is to remove waste products and ensure a better flow of your blood and energy. In the past, a Gua Sha scraping tool would be made of simple materials such as wood, stone, bamboo and horn. Today, the Gua Sha massage tools are made of polished gemstones, including jade, amethyst and rose quartz. According to the Chinese tradition, these stones would remove negative energy and balance your life energy (chi). You can buy all of the aforementioned Gua Sha tools at Spiru.

Where the Word Gua Sha Comes From

Gua Sha originally consists of the two words: ‘Gua’ and ‘Sha’. “Gua” means “scraping” and “Sha” literally means “sand” or “grains of sand.” Here we have stitched these words together into one meaningful phrase. The sand refers to the blocked energy in the body that causes certain complaints and discomforts.

Different Shapes of Gua Sha Scrapers

Today a Gua Sha scraper is often made of polished gemstones. You can buy a Jade Gua Sha stone, but also an Amethyst Gua Sha tool or Rose Quartz Gua Sha scraper. You can usually buy these beautiful gemstone Gua Sha tools for body massage in the shape of a rectangle, heart or cloud, but they are also available as a letter S, fish and comb. You can also buy a Gua Sha facial tool. For that the best Gua Sha tools are heart-shaped Gua Sha stones or rollers. You can use a rectangular (jade) Gua Sha scraper for long back muscles. You can also opt for a Gua Sha comb, which you scrape over your scalp to help your body remove waste products.

Why Buy a Gua Sha Stone?

Everyday our body tries to remove as many harmful substances as possible. These waste substances are caused by stress, food, alcohol and radiation. The substances that have not been disposed of are stored in the least harmful places: connective tissue. Over time, this could cause the connective tissue to clog, acidify the muscles and inflame the joints. It is also possible that this could eventually prevent blood and energy from flowing properly. This could subsequently lead to fatigue, neck and shoulder complaints, head and back pain and even rheumatic diseases and asthma. In addition, the Gua Sha technique could help with sports injuries, menopausal complaints and golf or tennis arms.

How to Use the Gua Sha Tool

When using a Gua Sha tool, start by applying a special skin oil. Then move the smooth side of the stone firmly along the muscles over the skin, in one direction and in strokes about 6 inches (15 cm) long. This scraping stimulates blood flow in the connective tissue. Bruising or discoloration (‘Sha’) in the skin then appears where the blockages of waste products are. The worse the blockage, the more intense the color. The color can vary from light red to even black! However, this does not damage the skin, and it should not be painful. The discolorations will then disappear within 2 to 6 days. If no ‘Sha’ appears, this does not immediately mean that no waste products are released.

Result of a Gua Sha Treatment

Gua Sha is known as a complete cleansing treatment. You should immediately notice an improvement on a physical and emotional level. You will probably feel a bit more emotional after a Gua Sha treatment. According to users, a treatment could do even more:

  • Stimulate better blood flow
  • Increase your energy level
  • Detoxify and deacidify the body
  • Stimulate the immune system and organ function
  • Reduce stress, fatigue and burnout
  • Enable the body’s self-healing ability.

Gua Sha Jade Roller

Instead of a heart-shaped Gua Sha stone, you can also use a jade massage roller for your face. Carefully roll this over your face. By rolling from the center of your face outwards, you stimulate blood circulation and the removal of waste. This in turn results in a younger looking, stronger and tighter skin. You can have a 100% natural facial treatment at home, without chemicals and other toxic substances. Invest in Gua Sha buy yourself products that are safe for long term use on your delicate facial skin. It’s worth it!

More Gua Sha Products at Spiru

Are you excited about this traditional Chinese therapy and want to buy Gua Sha tools to try? On our website you will find more information about Gua Sha massage and you can become well informed about buying your first Gua Sha. You can also order a massage roller instead of a Gua Sha stone. Enthusiastic about self-care with the help of gemstones? Then take a look at our Yoni massage products. It is also useful to know which gemstones suit you before you choose a product. You can find all Yoni and Gua Sha products at Spiru!