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Hotstones are basalt stones that come in different sizes. You can buy these hot stones to massage yourself or someone else. The stones come from the sea or flowing rivers in volcanic areas. As a result, they are often somewhat convex stones with a flat surface due to the natural erosion by the water.. The stones are not further tumbled or polished, so that the natural forces and energies are preserved as well as possible. They are widely found in Latin America and the Andes.

Basalt Hotstones – What Makes them Special

Basalt is a volcanic rock that retains heat well. The high density and high iron content ensure that, in addition to retaining heat well, they also release the heat slowly. Before a massage, the stones are heated in a warm water bath to a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius. Due to the pressure and heat of the stones, a massage with hot stones works deeper than a regular massage. The natural curvature of the stones ensures that they lie comfortably in the hand and have deep body contact.

Hotstone Massage

A hotstone massage is all about the connection between body, mind and soul. The hot stone stones are heated and placed on specific places on the body. These spots are said to regulate the body’s energy flows. The heat and pressure of the stones would penetrate deep into the muscles and provide relaxation and extra energy.

These are the Benefits of Hotstones

According to experts, the stones have all kinds of benefits for your body. In addition to providing relaxation, energy and promoting the body’s self-healing ability, hotstones should also:

  • help the body to dispose of waste products
  • stimulate organs
  • bring muscles to relaxation
  • improve blood circulation

Suitable Body Parts for a Hot Stones Massage

A hot stone massage can be performed on areas such as the back, legs and face. Be mindful of the heat. The stones can often only be placed in certain places for a short time to prevent fire blisters. In combination with a fine oil, the stones are moved along the skin or circular movements are made. The heated stones are also placed on the chakras or energy centers of the body. Sometimes two hot stones are used by tapping them together, so that a certain vibration is created.

This is the Origin of the Stones and the Hot Stones Massage

Opinions are divided about the origin of the hot stone stones and the hot stone massage. This is because treatments and massages with the heated stones have been performed for a long time in various places around the world. Subsequently, they were further developed separately from each other in these places. There are several theories going around:

  • Hotstone massage originated with Native Americans
  • Hotstone massage originated in Asia

The Native Americans

Some sources claim that the technique originates with Native Americans. According to this theory, they used to use heated lava rocks to treat all kinds of ailments. They would have quickly realized that the stones could retain heat well and that this would make them work effectively to relax certain muscle groups. As mentioned, the Native Americans used volcanic stones, which have been polished smooth over the centuries by erosion of water, sand, etc. They selected the stones on the basis of weight and shape. They associated it with the four elements, observing that the stones were formed by the elements Water, Wind, Fire and Earth.

The Origin is in Asia

According to other sources, the origin of the stones and of the massage lies in Asia, specifically in China. From there, the use of the stones would have spread to the United States, to Arizona. Finally, it was brought to Europe. In the east it has been a relatively normal use for a long time, while the use of the Hotstones in the Netherlands (and Europe) has only been known for a few decades.

Where To Buy Hotstones

At webshops where you can get many different wellness products, you can probably also buy hot stone massage products, such as hot stone massage stones. Hot stone massage stones can be recognized by their round, flat shape and black color. Some hot stones are available in sets. It is important that you choose real basalt stones, which are easy to heat. Processed hot stones retain heat less well than ground and tumbled stones. In addition, processed stones are sometimes too smooth to work with and have erratic shapes. Flat-cut stones are also less comfortable in the hand and do not dispures heat as well. At Spiru you can choose from different hot stones for different places.

Effect of the Hot Stones on Relaxation

The slowly released heat from the hot stones would penetrate the connective tissue and muscles well. This would stimulate blood circulation and improve oxygen supply, allowing you to fully relax.

Who Hotstones are Good For

A hot stone massage is primarily intended to relieve connective tissue and muscle tension. For this reason, this treatment is often used by professional athletes. People with stress can also enjoy a hot stone massage. The massage would be particularly relaxing if you suffer from:

  • muscle pain or nerve pain
  • stress and negative feelings
  • arthritis or rheumatism
  • poor blood flow
  • back or neck complaints
  • fatigue

Hotstones are Not Recommended For Some

People with diabetes, heart problems, cancer or high blood pressure should not use Hotstone massage. In an individual case, a meeting with your doctor is recommended and to find out whether a treatment is suitable. Treatments are also not recommended in case of fever and pregnancy. You should also be careful if you recognize one or more of the following complaints:

  • severe menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes
  • open wounds and skin infections
  • hypersensitive or thin skin
  • varicose veins
  • hypersensitivity to heat

How to Do Hot Stones Massage Yourself

First of all, it is important to know approximately how many stones you need. For private use, 20 to 25 hot stones should be enough. To do a hot stone massage yourself, you need hotstones in several different sizes. For the massage it is best to use a suitable massage oil or a nice scented oil. You can heat the stones over a saucepan of boiling water in the ā€œau bain Marieā€ way. The stones will become too hot in the microwave. Do you want to approach it more professionally? Then we recommend using about 50 stones. With multiple stones you can also treat multiple parts of the body.

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