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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Neti Pot

Neti Pots are ceramic or plastic watering cans that allow you to pour a saline solution into the nostrils. This type of nasal flushing is centuries old and comes from Indian yoga traditions. Neti Pots are said to help make breathing easier and relieve complaints such as colds and allergies. Buying a neti pot can therefore be a natural way to support your health.

How Neti Pots Work

A Neti Pot works like a small watering can, with which you can rinse salted lukewarm water through your nasal passages. Make sure you always use sterilized water, for example by boiling it first and then letting it cool. The spout of the pot fits easily into your nostrils, so you don’t spill a lot of water. The saline would then help dissolve snot and mucus in your cavities, and the waste products flow back out your nose.

When to Use A Neti Pot

You can of course use Neti Pots in case of a cold, hay fever, other allergic reactions, or to clear the nasal cavities whenever otherwise needed. You can also use it preventively. For traditional yogis, the watering can was part of the daily care, in addition to other actions such as stomach and intestinal cleansing. They called the rinse jala neti, which means cleaning the nose with water. There is also a sutra neti, where you pull a cord through the cavities. This is less popular, as you can probably imagine!

How to Choose the Best Neti Pot

You can buy a ceramic or plastic neti pot online. Are you taking it on a trip? Then plastic can be useful. Also, if you want to rinse children’s noses, a non-breakable version may also be your preference. Ceramic has its own advantage: it retains heat. Ceramic pots therefore keep your water at a pleasant temperature. This is practical if you mainly use the pot in the winter or like to stay warm!

Getting Started with a Neti Pot

To do a successful nasal rinse, it is advisable to do a bit of reading up. It is quite an art to get the right temperature of water and then to pour it properly. You also need the right salt. Most people recommend Himalayan Salt or another natural variant without iodine.

Neti Pot from Spiru

If you want to purchase a jal neti pot online, you can choose from ceramic or plastic variants. You will also find large and small packs of Himalayan Salt, so that you can get started right away. While you’re at it, you might as well take good care of your mouth as well. For example,try some other Natural Oral Care, not only for your teeth, but also for your tongue. You can buy special Tongue Scrapers for that. Or how about Buying Ear Candles to keep your hearing happy? Read about how to use Ear Candles.Ā  Healthy Holistic Habits start with Spiru!