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Yoni Massage

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Yoni Massage is loving touch in the area of the yoni. You can do this massage yourself or (in a therapeutic setting) undergo it. For yoni massage, gemstone products are usually used:Yoni Eggs, Yoni Sticks and Yoni Griffels. These products are available separately, but also in beautiful Yoni Massage sets.

Yoni Griffels are generally used in skin and abdominal massages. The Yoni Egg and the Yoni Sticks are also used internally. The smooth, round shapes ensure a pleasant contact, both in terms of grip and experience on skin and genitals. Yoni products felt organic for both masseur and massaged.

The meaning of yoni

The meaning of yoni
In Sanskrit, yoni is a term for the female reproductive organs, but it also means ‘source of life’ and ‘female energy’. So it is not simply the vagina, but the whole system of female sexuality and sensuality.
Of course, this also includes mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Massage of the physical yoni, both inside and outside, is seen as a ritual or meditation. One that brings the receiver into contact with his female energy, also called yin named. In our blog about Yoni Massage you can read more about this special ritual.

Common use

Common use
Yoni Griffels are mainly used for massage of the skin and limbs. Especially the abdominal area is important. There you will find all the important yoni organs such as the kidneys and uterus. According to the Taoists, the basin area is an important store of life energy. They believed that jade had a positive effect on that area. Therefore, many yoni products are still from yes or rose quartz.

With Yoni Eggs and Yoni Sticks all kinds of internal muscle exercises are possible. The Yoni Massage Sets therefore include a manual. We also have three exercises for you in our blog Basin bottom for Beginners. These exercises are described for Yoni Ei, but can also be done very well with the Yoni Sticks.

Hygiene and care

Hygiene and care
Using Yoni products is fairly simple, but some are a few things you should pay attention to. In our Yoni Egg User Guide you will therefore find hygienic tips. You can read how to clean gemstone products and when not to use them. These guidelines also apply to the Yoni Sticks and Yoni Griffels.