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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Face Roller

A facial roller or face massage roller is a gemstone massage tool that you can use to roll over your delicate facial skin. According to Chinese medicine, because it improves blood circulation, stroking or massaging the face and body in this way has a healing effect. According to users, a massage facial roller also has a positive effect on fine lines and offers a natural anti-wrinkle effect.

Popular Jade and Rose Quartz Face Rollers

Chinese medicine usually recommends a jade face roller for facial massage. Jade has a special status in the Chinese tradition. Taoists regard this green stone as a good luck charm that gently strengthens the vitality of the body. Women in particular are said to benefit from a real Jade facial roller as the stone is thought to channel natural fertility and energy. Also, many people use a rose quartz facial roller. Rose quartz is considered by many cultures to be a stone of love that lends a helping hand to the heart and blood circulation.

A Rose Quartz Roller or Jade Roller? These are the Differences

A Rose Quartz roller is often chosen for stimulating

  • self love
  • calmness
  • good blood flow

A Jade body roller is known as a supporter of

  • self-healing abilities
  • vitality
  • prosperity

Facial Massage Roller for Gua Sha Treatments

Gua Sha or Guasha is a Chinese treatment method in which you scrape gemstones over the skin to release waste that has built up in your body. A crystal facial roller is a little more gentle, but would be ideal as a supplement to Gua Sha Massage. For example, with a Gua Sha Jade roller you could gently prepare the skin for a scraping session. You can also use it daily to encourage the self-healing ability of your skin. If you want to buy a Jade facial roller or one made of another crystal, it has multiple uses!

Self-Care with Crystals From Spiru

At Spiru you can go for a real Jade stone massage roller or a variant of Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz or Amethyst. In addition to rollers, the range also includes Hot Stones from Basalt and Massage Griffles, Gua Sha Stones and Massage Balls from real gemstones. Just add some Massage Oil and your natural care package is complete! So are you looking for a Jade roller shop or place to buy crystal beauty tools? Natural beauty starts with Spiru!