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Customers rate Spiru 9.7/10

Drinking Bottles

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Buy Bottles for Vital Water

A drinking bottle with clear and pure water can be very convenient. For instance, when you are taking Yoga classes or doing meditation lesson. Our drinking bottles can be also used when you cycle or work out in a gym. Even if you’re just hanging on the couch: drinking bottles for water are a must-have. To prevent dehydration, drink water. Water is healthy and the taste of it differs from place to place. Spiru’s water bottles are 100% plastic free. No plasticizers and other toxic substances are used during the production process. The drinking bottles are vegan. The Soulbottle water bottles are popular items. They support the WASH project in Nepal. The “Vitaal” water bottles from Laguna are a good choice as well. How about the VitaJuwel bottles? Thanks to the added gemstones, the water is revitalized and health promoting qualities are increased.

There are five reasons to choose the Spiru drinking bottles:

Ecology: You contribute to a clean planet by reducing plastic use
Glass: Water tastes better in a glass bottle
Natural materials: Bottles are made of natural materials
Saving: Water from the tap is cheaper than buying plastic bottles
Flavour: The bottles have unique shapes that make the water taste better.

Buy Copper Water Bottles

Copper has purifying and anti-microbial effects. Using a copper water bottle is a simple and effective way of purifying and cleaning water. Among other results, medical studies have shown that copper kills diarrhea bacteria. Contaminated water stored for at least 16 days in a copper water bottle is much cleaner. That it is why it is a good and effective way of water storage in developing countries. It is a healthy and natural process that does not involve any chemicals. For more than thousands of years it has been an important part of Ayurveda healing in India. Therefore, at Spiru we have included a number of copper bottles in our collection. Our bottles are decorated with beautiful symbolic patterns (Flower of Life, Ohm sign and more). Because of this, these bottles are a feast for the eyes.

The Spiru Wellness Collection

A healthy balance between body and mind is essential for your happiness and well-being. The selected wellness collection helps you to find the right balance. Besides the drinking bottles, we also have a wide assortment of water flagons, mugs and glasses. With these items you are taking care of your body from the inside out. For beauty from the outside, we also have a wonderful collection of biological care products.