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Drinking Bottles

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Buying Drinking Bottles

When you do yoga or meditate. When you like going for a bike ride or sweating in the gym. Even when you are a couch potato. Water drinking bottles are always a must have. To avoid dehydration, you drink water. Water is healthy. Water has a different taste in different places. Thus, a drinking bottle has many benefits. The Spiru water bottles are 100% free of plastic. No softeners or other toxic substances are used in the production. Additionally, the drinking bottles are vegan. 

Reasons to Buy Drinking Bottles

We have listed six reasons why you should buy a drinking bottle from Spiru:

  • Hydrating. You always have drinking water at hand.
  • Ecology. You contribute to a cleaner planet by reducing your use of plastic.
  • Glass and copper. Water from a copper or glass drinking bottle tastes better.
  • Natural materials. The bottles are made of natural materials. 
  • Savings. Water from the tap is cheaper than from plastic bottles.
  • Taste. The bottles are uniquely shaped, which makes the water taste better.

Drink Plenty of Water

A lot of people drink water to feel healthy and fit. Many people only drink water and tea. The recommended daily amount of water is 2 liters, which is easily forgotten. Therefore, water bottles are indispensable and they are ideal for when you are on the road. They are very handy to carry along to yoga class, the gym, to school or to work. However, these are not the only benefits of a drinking bottle.

Contributing to a Clean Planet

Think of all the plastic bottles that are being thrown away on a daily basis because they are not reused. Every second, in the VS only, 1500 bottles are being used of which 80% is only used once. Those plastic bottles are made from oil products. As a result, more and more landscapes and oceans are polluted. Besides, those plastic bottles do not end up in the right places, which is why plastic has a major part in the pollution of the planet. By buying and using your personal drinking bottle you make a good start contributing to a cleaner planet. Who wouldn’t want that?

Copper and Glass Drinking Bottle and Taste

Enthusiasts agree that drinking from a glass drinking bottle is healthier and tastier than drinking from a plastic bottle. This is especially true for water, when the taste of plastic and toxic substances are not involved. Try it and you will notice that the water tastes a lot fresher! The special glass drinking bottles by Miron are even believed to improve the quality of the water; through a fraction of light your water will gain an exceptionally long-lasting protection to maintain the quality of the fluids for a longer period of time. Furthermore, many people choose a copper bottle, because such a bottle adds a specific flavour to your water. Want to know more about the material? Continue reading!

Drinking Bottles of Natural Material

Spiru also has drinking bottles made of natural material. Natural material? Yes, you read it correctly. These bottles are 100% recyclable and they are the perfect alternative to plastic water bottles. Amongst other things, the bottles consist of recycled glass, bio-plastic, sustainable cork, rubber, sugar cane, wood, natural resin and corn starch and thus they are a conscious and healthy choice. Besides, some of these bottles are resistant to temperatures up to 100°C, which makes them suitable for both warm and cold drinks. Lastly, it will make you feel good to do something good for the planet. There is a reason that the Flower of Life symbol is often depicted on the bottle!

Saving Money

Now that you have your own drinking bottle, you never again have to go to the supermarket to buy a plastic bottle. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but for your wallet, too! Before you leave the house, you fill your bottle with ‘free’ water from the tap and you’re ready to go!

Beautifully Shaped Drinking Bottle

Spiru’s drinking bottles are uniquely shaped, which makes it not only more fun to drink water, but also tastier!

Buying a Soulbottle Water Bottle at Spiru

The Soulbottle water bottles are popular and support the WASH project in Nepal. The bottles are 100% free of plastic and consist of high-quality Italian glass. They have an opening of 29 mm, which is said to be the ideal size for drinking water. Additionally, they are free of softeners and toxic substances. The company compensates the Co2 that is released during production and transportation before the end of each year, because with every bought Soulbottle 35 kg Co2 and 3 kg plastic are saved.

Making Gemstone Water with Drinking Bottles by VitaJuwel

You can make your own gemstone water with our drinking bottles. The water becomes more pure because of the added gemstones in the VitaJuwel bottles. These glass bottles have two openings, from which the bottom part can be taken out. The bottom is filled with a removable selection of gemstones. The gemstones do not have to be put in water immediately. The stick protects the water against possible contaminants and splinters and keeps the stones clear and shiny. VitaJuwel is hygienic, easy and perfectly designed. 

Copper Drinking Bottle

Copper is believed to cleanse and kill bacteria in a natural and effective way. According to experts, copper kills the bacteria that cause diarrhea. Pure water is healthy water! According to the ancient Indian Ayurvedic, drinking from a copper bottle helps with balancing the three Doshas: Vata, Kapha and Pitta. That is partly the reason why our copper bottles are so loved. The beautiful symbols depicted on the front of the bottle are the finishing touch. Furthermore, copper is important for the human body. The water absorbs the copper and the nutrients in small amounts. Copper is believed to have the following health benefits:

  • Improving immune system and digestion
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Balancing pH values 

The Spiru Wellness Collection

A healthy balance of body and spirit is essential for luck and happiness. The selected wellness collection helps you find the right balance. In addition to drinking bottles, we have a vast collection of cups and glasses to take care of your body from the inside. To take care of your body from the outside, we have a collection of natural care products. A healthy balance starts at Spiru!