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A yoni egg is a gemstone egg from 40 to 50 mm long and on average 35 mm wide. The stone is pierced from top to bottom or right through the top. A string can be strung through it.

Yoni Eggs are used next to Yoni Sticks and Yoni Griffels for Yoni Massage. These techniques are aimed at female energy and especially the muscles in the pelvic area. Yoni eggs are therefore introduced vaginally for exercises and meditations. They can also be used for massage of the skin and limbs. You can read more about Yoni Massage as a ritual in our blog.

Objective and effects

A yoni egg is also called tantra or energy egg. In tantra yoga and yoni yoga it is an indispensable part. Practitioners use the egg to develop self-acceptance and love. They also use it to train the muscles around the pelvic floor. Strengthening the muscles can help many women after pregnancy and with bladder problems. Yoni massage can also stimulate blood flow in these internal areas. Moreover, massage would reduce energy tension. Many women therefore experience an increase in their orgasmic ability and sexual energy.

The egg form

Egg-shaped stones are traditionally associated with femininity, safety and protection. They would absorb negative energy and make way for new power. They can also give a feeling of security. Taoists already used yoni eggs for exercises in the pelvic area. They see this area as the source of a healthy and happy life, because that is where the life energy resides. Many women therefore still use the egg in all kinds of self-examination.

Yoni Eggs types and sizes

A yoni egg is very personal. Not only should the stone fit you, the size and piercing are also important. You can read more about this in the blog Choosing a Yoni Egg in Three Steps.


Yoni eggs are hand-cut natural stones in egg form. The eggs are pierced so that a string can be strung into them. This allows you to insert the egg with a string and also remove it well. Especially for beginners this can be pleasant. There are two types of piercing:

  • Crosswise through the top [horizontally]
  • top to bottom [vertically]

Besides yoni eggs, solid gemstone eggs are also used as yoni eggs for advanced users. These eggs contain no hole at the top. This requires good contact with the pelvic floor muscles. These gemstone eggs without a hole are therefore not recommended for beginners.


Beginners use an average or large egg, advanced ones a smaller one. The smaller the stone, the better the pelvic floor muscles must be to keep it inside. So there is a suitable egg for everyone!


You can put the yoni egg on a foot if you don’t use it. For example, your meditation room, study or bedroom. The egg reminds you of your positive intentions. You can also store the egg in a beautiful Yoni Bagje. So your gemstone remains beautiful and undamaged!

Jade and rose quartz Yoni Eggs

Both physically and emotionally, yoni massage can touch anything. Products of jade and rose quartz are therefore usually favorite. Both gems are known for their soothing effect. Jade eggs were therefore already used by the first Taoists. They also have the colours of the heart chakra and are therefore suitable for beginners. You can read more about these special bricks in our blog about Yoni Eggs for Beginners..
Use and clean Yoni Egg

Yoni Egg

Using a yoni egg is fairly simple, but some are a few things to look out for. Not only hygiene is important, such as regular cleaning with warm water. How you insert the egg also makes a difference. You will therefore find an extensive Yoni Egg User Guide in our blog Zo You can use a Yoni Egg..