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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Scented Sachets

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Scented Sachet

To provide small spaces such as the bathroom, toilet, or wardrobe with a wonderful aroma, scented sachets are the perfect choice! They are ideal: you place a scented sachet in your wardrobe, the car or desk drawer and it will smell wonderful! They diffuse the scent in a subtle way so that it does not overpower. When the smell diminishes, you can shake or squeeze the sachet, which will make it smell great again. Spiru’s scented sachets are easy to hang on, for example, a door handle, or a clothes hanger.

How Fragrance Sachets Work

Remove the packaging and place the fragrance sachet in the desired location or room. This can be, for example, as a wardrobe scented sachet, or in the toilet or a bathroom. You don’t need to do more than place it there! Unlike scented candles, a scented puch does not require a heat source. You place them on the spot in a room that you want to smell wonderful and the aroma is spread by itself. Even when you are not at home, the perfumed bags will provide a wonderful fresh scent in the house! If you want to enjoy this scent for a long time, you can shake or squeeze the sachets lightly once every two weeks. This way the aroma stays constant and lasts for months.

Different Types of Fragrance Bags at Spiru

Scented sachets are the perfect way to make rooms smell fresher. At Spiru you can choose from different scents. You can buy lavender sachets, cinnamon scented sachets, or a vanilla scented sachet. Of course, the popular bergamot and orange scent is also in our assortment, as well as the fresh sea breeze. The JOIK fragrance sachets are a combination of different aromas that will spread themselves for about two months. A scented lavender bag is always a nice gift for your grandmother, mother, girlfriend or friend. They always come in handy!

Fragrance Bags Wardrobe

With a scented sachet in your wardrobe, your clothes will smell fresh for a long time! Choose an aroma that matches the scent of your detergent so that the scents can reinforce each other. The 100% organic scented sachets are a stylish and handy aroma sachet that is specially made to hang on a clothes hanger. You could also keep clothes fresh by using it as a scented drawer sachet. The bags also ensure that your clothes stay dry and do not get damp.

Where to Use Fragrance Bags

In addition to spreading the aroma through your clothes, you can also use the bags in other small places. So you have:

  • Bathroom
  • Wardrobe
  • Car
  • Desk Drawer
  • Powder Rooms
  • Trash Bins
  • Suitcase

This is how you can Crochet Fragrance Bags

If you are creative enough, you can crochet scented sachets yourself. Especially if you have a lot of fragrant flowers or herbs in your garden, crocheting scented bags is an ideal creative activity. You can easily dry lavender or other nice smelling plants to fill the sachets. Make a small bag of cotton or other fabric and fill it with the dried lavender or scented pearls. You can of course also use undried flowers, but these will undoubtedly spread the wonderful scent for a shorter period of time. For herbs or dried flowers it is best to place a separate bag of tulle in the crochet bag. You may also be able to make this from an old piece of net curtains. Cut out a square here, fold it in half and sew it closed with the blanket stitch in a color of your choice. You won’t see this inside the crocheted cover, so you don’t have to finish it neatly.

More Delightful Fragrances at Spiru

Do you love nice scents and do you also want to make larger spaces smell wonderful? Then take a look at our wide range of different types of incense, with which you can transform the room into a true scented paradise in no time. Or light your favorite Scented Candles, switch to aromatherapy with scented oil or drop a few drops of Essential Oils on your Lava Stone Bracelet. This way you always have a soothing scent with you, so that you never let your nose down. You will find all the aromas to relax at Spiru.