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Ankh: Discover This Symbolic Key of Life

By Maggie 13 May 2022
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The Egyptian Ankh has a long history as an amulet and power symbol. Learn here what this special cross can mean for your life!

three Ankh hieroglyphic

The Ankh Cross or Cross of Life is one of the most famous ancient Egyptian symbols. Not only does a modified version of the hieroglyph adorn every Coptic church, other spiritual groups are also fans of the symbol Ankh. Here you can read what this mystical sign stands for and when to use it!

The Egyptian Ankh Symbol Meaning

Ankh the Egyptian symbol means life or, more specifically, eternal life after death in Egyptian script. The hieroglyph is therefore one of the oldest known good luck charms and was often used as a Talisman for protection. Also, many gods, goddesses, and pharaohs hold the sign on images to indicate that they possess creative and cosmic powers.

Ankh as Mix of Masculine and Feminine Power

According to experts, the cross of life is a union of two important gods from Egyptian mythology, Isis and Osiris. According to the stories, this goddess and god were married and their marriage linked female fertility with the heavenly afterlife. Many people therefore find the Ankh cross meaning in the combination of the T-shaped cross of Osiris with the oval of Isis on top. This is a symbolic references to the fusion of their genitals. The symbol is popular in Wicca and other Neopagan movements for the same reason, because it stands for the combined powers of God and Goddess.

Moments When The Ankh Symbol Provides Meaning

The Egyptian Ankh is also called the Key of Life. People believed that it would grant access to the netherworld of Osiris or, on the contrary, keep the door firmly shut! According to the ancient Egyptians, the Ankh Sign also carries a life force that supplies people, animals, and plants, with oxygen. Ancient paintings depict scenes of gods holding an Ankh under the nose of a mortal to bring it to life. That is also why an Ankh sign has meaning in essential processes such as:

  • pregnancy and birth
  • death and mourning
  • personal transformations or transition phases
  • illness and impaired health

Whenever you need to strengthen or release a life force, the Ankh cross holds meaning!

pharaoh with Ankh and Eye of Horus statue

Why Wear an Ankh Symbol as an Amulet?

As far back as ancient Egypt, people wore an Ankh Pendant as an amulet. Along with the Eye of Horus, a symbol similar to the famous Evil Eye, wearing an Ankh was a powerful way to protect yourself from misfortune. Many carry the talisman with them to attract prosperity and good luck. If it touches your chest, your Heart Chakra would gain extra power. If it hangs on your throat, according to many people it supports creative and honest communication ÔÇô just like its famous Egyptian gemstone brother Lapis Lazuli.

Egyptian Cross

Coptic Christians, adopted the Ankh into their own symbolism. This modified Ankh is the Crux Ansata. It is an Ankh with a circular top instead of an oval. People believe that this is meant to look more like Jesus on the cross. It makes sense, since both the Ankh and Jesus represent eternal life!

Crux Ansata

Working with a Two-Legged Ankh

According to people who delve into the mythical kingdoms of Atlantis and Lemuria, there is also a two-legged cross. It is older than the Egyptian symbol and many believe that it is a very powerful tool for healing. The loop of it then has a cleansing or attracting effect, while you could direct energy with the two legs. If you find the cross of life interesting, then this original version would offer you even more possibilities!

Spiritual Symbols from Spiru

Every culture has its own important and powerful spiritual symbols. Many of them are ancient and mysterious just like the Ankh.┬á Are you looking to connect with the world around you? Then read about the Mandala or the Tree of Life.┬á Or maybe you’re interested in the spiritual geometry of the universe, then Pentagrams and Flower of Life might be interesting. For a bit of inner peace and spiritual strength, look to the Hamsa Hand or the Lotus for example. At Spiru we have enough spiritual symbols to inspire anyone!

Which ancient spiritual symbol inspires you?

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