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Spiritual Cleansing: Cleanse Yourself of Negative Energy

By Maggie 2 August 2022
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A spiritual cleansing of negative energy from your mind, body, and home can be an effective way to revitalize yourself. Approach life with positivity after a spiritual and energetic cleansing.

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It’s true that what you focus on most will grow and strengthen. Unfortunately, this also applies to negative energy in our body, mind, and soul. If you’re feeling unlucky lately, then it may be time to shift your focus onto more positive thoughts and say goodbye to that negative energy. The better your energy flows, the better you feel! Your energy is determined by your own thoughts and habits of course, but also by your environment. Any negativity or blocking energy that you come in contact with can have a very powerful effect on your mind and your body. Do you want to feel better about yourself and cleanse yourself of negative energy? In this blog you can read everything about spiritually and energetically cleansing your home, yourself, and other people.

Removing Blocking Energy in Your Environment

Energetic purification is quite a broad concept, but it actually means that you purify everything that has to do with (life) energy. Removing negative energy starts with an environment that is in balance. The more you limit your contact with negative energy, the more room you have to let your good vibes grow! Here are some ways to keep your environment energetically pure and positive:

  • Cleaning
  • White Sage Smudging
  • Orgonite and Gemstones

palo santo and white sage smudge in abalone shell


It might sound a bit boring, but if you give your home a deep and energetic cleaning, you can remove bad energy. Also don’t hesitate to get rid of things that no longer produce good vibes. You can throw away anything that triggers bad memories for example. Cleaning your house can be meditative and will also purify your mind.  For an extra spiritual boost, mix Florida Water into your cleaning solution or spray it as a floral air freshener in your clean home. Take your time for your cleaning ritual and you will notice that it will be very emotionally liberating. Think of it as a spring cleaning for your soul.

White Sage Smudging

The practice of ‘smudging’ means to cleanse through smoke and comes from the Native Americans who burn sage, sweetgrass, and other herbs in order to energetically cleanse people, animals, spaces, crystals, and other objects with the released smoke. White Sage has been used for centuries by Native Americans and Shamans in purification ceremonies, rituals and prayers. You can use an Abalone shell or smudge stick for smudging. When you cleanse your home, work from top floor to ground floor, each top to bottom. In addition to white sage, certain gemstones or a singing bowl could also help you cleanse your home. You can read more about this in our blogs about Smudging and Singing Bowls!

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Orgonite and Gemstones

Another way that people cleanse the bad energy from their home is by using gemstones or Orgonite. Each gemstone has the ability to cleanse and encourage different types of energy. But if you’re looking for a powerful purifier try the classic Rock Crystal. This gemstone is known for its ability to absorb and cleanse negative energy. But if you’re looking for a specific energy to either cleanse or stimulate, you can check out our guide for the Best Gemstones in Your Home. If you’re worried about electrosmog or bad vibes being brought in by your guests, an Orgonite pyramid could be a great choice. Orgonite is a material specially designed for diffusing potential bad energetic influences. Find out more about Orgonite As an Energy Aid Here.

rock crystal pocket stone with smudge

Physical Cleansing of Negative Energy

There are several ways to energetically cleanse your body. We give you a number of options below:

  • Massage
  • Visualization
  • Burning Palo Santo
  • Carrying Crystals, Gems, and Minerals


You can take energetically cleansing the body very literally. When you’re not feeling well, yet you aren’t sick, you’re probably feeling the effects of negative energy. But this is actually positive; your body is giving you a clear signal that it is time to spiritually cleanse yourself. Even better, maintain your energetic well-being with regular self care. Get a bottle of nice-smelling massage oil at home and make time every day to massage and energetically clean yourself. You can also have a professional massage and opt for an essential oil that has a cleansing effect. Massage also removes the negative energy from your skin. Your skin represents the contact with your environment, so by cleaning yourself energetically, no negative energy would stick to your body (aura).

There are even types of massage that specifically target energy blockages. For example Gua Sha Massage scrapes the skin with a gemstone tool to release blocked energy along the body’s meridians, the connective energy channels of the body. It is also thought to help to detoxify and refresh the body. Or for something gentler try Reiki Massage. While Gua Sha focuses on freeing up your body’s energetic highways, Reiki uses the purifying power of universal energy to heal any physical ailments resulting from blockages or bad energy. Many practitioners don’t even use touch, they just influence your aura!

gua sha massage mushroom


Letting go on an energetic level will have an effect on your mental and emotional connection. An important step in removing negative energy on an energetic level is cutting the lines that still connect you to someone who is no longer healthy for you. You do this by bringing your attention to your fifth chakra, your Throat Chakra. In total you have seven different chakras, but the throat chakra is the most important for communication and speaking your truth. Visualize communication lines from your throat chakra that still connect you with the other person and then visualize how you cut those lines off, eliminating their negative influence.

Smoking Palo Santo

You can also energetically cleanse your body with the Smoke of Palo Santo. It’s easy to burn Palo Santo yourself as a cleanse. You do this by moving smoking Palo Santo sticks along your body, from your crown to your feet. During the act you can add an affirmation, for example: “May I be cleansed of all energy that does not serve me”.

Carry Crystals, Gems, and Minerals

In addition, for a spiritual cleansing of the body you can try to prevent the absorption of negative energy by wearing  Labradorite, Hyperstone, or Spectrolite beads. Don’t wear them all at once, because that’s way too heavy. Wear what feels good to you and choose a gemstone that suits you.  You could even pick a few favorites and Make Your Own Spiritual Jewelry using gemstone beads.

gemstone bead braceletes

How Do You Cleanse Yourself Energetically?

Put on some soothing music and be grounded and focused on positivity. You can cleanse yourself spiritually first with meditation and then cleanse yourself energetically before starting your home cleanse. Then you know you’ve fully cleansed yourself and your surroundings. You may also ask your spirit guide “take away all the energy of others and any distractions” while you’re focusing on your cleansing. Ask Your Guardian Angel for Help if you like! Do what works for you.

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