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Massage Roller Tips: Beauty Care with Crystals

By Maggie 8 October 2022
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A Gemstone Massage Roller is not only suitable for beauty rituals, but also overall wellness. Discover here what you can do with the caring vibes of crystal.

rose quartz facial roller

Massage rollers are self-care instruments used in Chinese medicine. They are made of crystal, just like Gua Sha stones for skin scraping, or  Yoni Eggs with which you do Yoni exercises. Gemstones are said to have a healing effect and help to develop Self-love and acceptance. For example, a beauty massage with a crystal tool can provide a radiant touch and a happy heart! Jade facial massage rollers are becoming especially popular. How does a massage roller work and what does a facial roller do exactly? To find out, read on.

How to Choose a Gemstone Massage Roller

Of course you want to have the best facial roller, but which one is right for you? You are probably familiar with the Jade or Rose Quartz massage roller, but there are even more different types available! Here is an explanation of the most popular crystals for rollers:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Jade
  • Green Aventurine
  • Amethyst

Rose Quartz Roller

For many people, Rose Quartz has meaning as a stone of love. The mineral is said to have a soft energy that helps to accept yourself. The quartz is also connected to the chest and blood circulation, useful when you want to stimulate blood circulation in the skin, for example. A Rose Quartz facial roller is also a great gift. Who wouldn’t want to let lovely people relax?

Jade Roller

This green beauty is very popular in traditional Chinese medicine. In the Jade roller experiences, there is talk of purification on all kinds of levels. The Jade roller usage not only helps release negative emotions, but could also help to flush toxins out of your system. According to users, this creates room for vitality and zest for life. The material Jade is quite exclusive and expensive; that is why you sometimes find serpentine substitutes.

Green Aventurine Roller

Green Aventurine, like Rose Quartz and Jade, is known as a cordial stone. Many feel that Aventurine is especially calming, both on your emotions and on the skin. Because of the soothing vibes, Aventurine would also help to patiently persevere and thus achieve goals. Great if you want to practice self-compassion!

Amethyst Roller

For many people, Amethyst is a crystal that calms busy thoughts and thus stimulates insight. If you suffer from tense muscles in the neck and head, try this roller. This quartz would also be the right choice for headaches and tired eyes.

purple amethyst facial massage roller in hand

Why a Massage Roller has Two Stones

A crystal massage tool has two sides, namely a large and small roller. This way you can easily follow the contours of your body. For example, use the large roller to treat wide surfaces such as your forehead, chest, or abdomen. You can also use it to smooth out long energy pathways or meridians. The small wheel is suitable for more subtle work around the eyelids, lips, or between your toes.

Using Oil with a Massage Roller

Gemstone rollers can be used with or without oil, depending on the treatment you apply. For example, if you want to massage firmly for a detox or if you have dry skin, use some oil to keep it comfortable and to nourish your skin. Natural Oil such as Coconut or Argan oil can then work pleasantly, possibly mixed with Essential Oil. Energy work such as wiping and cleaning with a roller can usually be done with clothes on. Further down you will find tips for cleaning your stone tool.

green aventurine facial massage roller blue towel flowers

How to Use a Massage Roller or Facial Roller

The use of a facial roller is of course recommended for facial treatment, but such a stone tool comes in handy for much more care. It’s a matter of buying good Massage Oil and the relaxation can begin!

  • Skincare Product Application
  • Facial Massage
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Breast Massage
  • Hand Massage
  • Foot Massage

Skincare Product Application

With the stone wheels you can apply care products such as creams, lotions, and moisturizers. This can be done daily or as part of a real relaxation moment. For example, if you want to make a Face Mask, then finish your beauty ritual by massaging in a nourishing oil.

Massage Roller Face

With bags under the eyes, a facial roller of gemstone on it is not only nice and cool, regular massage may also support the elasticity of the skin and make fine lines less visible. For example, a facial massage would help preserve the youthfulness of the skin in your face and neck. If you also want to achieve an energetic effect, choose a stone that matches the energy you’re looking for. For example, think of Amethyst for tension in the facial muscles and headaches or a Jade roller which can help to thoroughly detox your skin.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

The skin of your neck also deserves attention. Not only would stimulating it prevent aging, stress and tension quickly settle in this area. Therefore, also include the shoulders in your massage. Combine with a Gua Sha Treatment if you have really stiff muscles. A quiet rolling session can then be a good addition to the coarser work.

Breast Massage

No, don’t skip your bust! Chinese medicine sees breasts as a source of vitality. A regular loving massage not only stimulates blood flow and tissue, but would also create a romantic bond with yourself. Rose Quartz rollers are recommended in this case, as are those of Green Aventurine.

Hand Massage

In many spiritual traditions, hands connect with the heart or chest area, as a sort of extension. So giving them some love also cares for your heart! Each finger should receive attention and also the soft parts in between. Also treat the back of the hand, especially between the tendons and around the wrist. The side of the small roller is very suitable for this. Also, combine this massage with Meridian (Baoding) Balls. This is how your hands get the love they deserve.

Foot Massage

Feet have to endure a lot, so a massage can be very pleasant. Special devices for this usually have sturdy protrusions, to activate pressure points in the sole of your foot. A Nail Mat is a good example of this. A somewhat softer massage with a roller can then be a good addition or a pleasant alternative for sensitive feet.

pink rose quartz facial roller bath products eucalyptus

Spiritual Rituals to Enrich with a Roller

There are also spiritual rituals where you can use the massage tool as an aid to work with energy. Maybe you don’t immediately think of it, but use the roller too

  • Aura Cleanse
  • Chakras Cleanse
  • Aromatherapy Apply
  • House Cleaning with Sage
  • Yoni Massage

Aura Cleanse

Energy must flow and that’s why your own force field would also need a regular refresher, whereby you remove old rusted vibes. With the roller you can roll your body a few times from head to toe to dislodge any lingering old energy. According to many, this is a good way to cleanse the innermost layer of the aura.

Chakras Cleanse

You can also treat the energetic nodes or Chakras with a roller. For example, you can mimic its spinning energy with a roller or explore these energy centers with it. Rose quartz, Aventurine and Jade belong to the heart area according to Chakra Color Theory, but according to experts, they can be applied to all seven energy points.

Aromatherapy Apply

If you want to apply Aromatherapy locally, the roller is also very handy for that. For example, apply some essential oil mixed with a neutral carrier to hot spots like your wrists or behind the ears. The body heat activates the scent right away!

House Cleaning with Sage

If you do a white sage ritual at home, you can not only ‘smooth’ yourself energetically with the roller, but also, for example, door frames and furniture. Maybe even your pet, if it likes. Here you can read more about ways to perform Spiritual Cleansing.

Yoni Massage

Most people know Yoni Massage with a gemstone egg. For example, use touch with a roller to get in the mood, by massaging your neck or feet. That can be a relaxed preparation for the insertion of an egg and a beautiful moment for yourself!

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rose quartz gua sha scraper and facial roller pink towel

Gemstone Massage Roller Cleaning

You can regularly clean a massage tool. This way, skin flakes and oiliness are removed. It is important that you take the material of the roller into account. You can also clean gems on an energetic level. Here are tips to help:

  • Keep it Hygienic
  • Cleanse it Energetically

Keep it Hygienic

Clean natural stones with lukewarm water, preferably boiled beforehand. Cold water does not remove grease as well and hot water can burst crystals. If necessary, add some Marseille Soap or Aleppo Soap to the soapy water, but make sure that no residues remain on the tool. Do not submerge it either, but clean it with a damp sponge and dry it well. This is how you prevent a rusty roller!

Energetic Cleansing

Gemstones cleanse by exchanging energy. Therefore, your beauty tool would not only release waste, but also absorb your old vibrations. In addition, crystals cal loose their energy after a while. For these reasons, it can be nice to cleanse and Recharge your roller regularly. The soapy water above can work or, for example, a bath under the Full Moon. Read more about Gemstone Cleansing Here.

green aventurine facial roller with crystals

More Crystal Self Care from Spiru

Caring for your yourself on a spiritual and energetic level is important.  If you’d like more ideas for how crystals can help, check out some of our other Blogs like Making and Using Gemstone Water.  Or if you’d like to improve your energetic atmosphere at home read about How to Place Gemstones at Home. Maybe you’d like to start carrying gemstones with you.  Find out some great Gemstone Combinations to help with your day and keep them with you as jewelry or pocket stones. You’ll find all your crystal needs at Spiru!

How will you use the roller?

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