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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are transparent spherical objects made of Rock Crystal. This type of stone promotes concentration and clarity of the mind. The spheres have a polished surface and they usually do not contain inclusions or gas bubbles. At Spiru you can buy beautiful crystal balls of high quality. The crystal ball is a fun tool for curious creatives. For convenience, we also sell glass globes on standards. Each variant allows you to capture the world as if it were in a sphere. Unleash your creativity and see the world upside down!

History of Crystal Balls

The glass and crystal balls have been used for centuries, especially among clairvoyants and in divination. They are believed to provide insight into the present, past and future. Prophesying and fortune telling have long been practiced using reflective surfaces such as water, metal or polished stones. For example, in ancient times people looked in silver cups and Zen Buddhists had visions from rivers and ponds. By the fifth century AD it was already a widespread practice, despite the Christian church labeling it as something diabolical. Crystal balls first came to Europe in the thirteenth century.

Fortune Teller Glass Ball 

Crystal balls have been used in divination for centuries, which is why it’s also called the fortune-telling sphere. Looking into a crystal would provide insight into the mysterious world beyond the directly observable. The reason for this is that it sets the subconscious mind to work. You can buy a crystal ball to gain insight into the present, past, or future, for example. Today they are still used to meditate and practice the gift of clairvoyance.

Crystal Ball for Photography

You can also buy a crystal ball to take pictures with. In photography, crystal balls are known as lens balls. You can buy the crystal ball online and use it to create an artistic representation of an object. The glass sphere behaves like a fish-eye lens. By taking a picture with these spheres you get the effect that the world is turned upside down. This often produces surprising photos. In short, the use of a crystal ball gives photos an extra boost.

Crystal Ball Sizes

There are different types of crystal balls. To use one, it is important to choose the right size. This is especially important when you work with these spheres as a photographer. The size affects the appearance of the object. For example, you can choose for a thumbnail view or magnification. That is why the crystal ball is available in different sizes:

  • Crystal ball 5 cm
  • Crystal ball 6 cm
  • Crystal ball 8 cm
  • Crystal ball 10 cm
  • Crystal ball 12 cm
  • Crystal ball 15 cm
  • Crystal ball 20 cm

In addition to the transparent spheres, there are also variants with a laser engraving.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice meant to promote the flow of positive energy. Its purpose is to create harmony and improve quality of life anywhere. Feng Shui is the art of dealing with invisible energies, promoting the positive and neutralizing the negative. Pure minerals such as (rock) crystal are often used for this. Crystal would catch and break the light in a beautiful way, creating a special spectacle of light and color that diminishes bad energy. Place crystal products in the bright places where they come into their own, bringing about the most beautiful scattered light effects.

Glass Ball for Crystal Gazing and Fortune Telling

Crystal viewing is usually done in a quiet environment with the right temperature and amount of light. After practicing a few times, you should be able to see some sort of fog or cloud in one or more colors. You may also see a color or symbol when asking a question. Therefore, it is important to know approximately the meaning of the colors and symbols so that you can interpret the answer obtained. 

Using Crystal Ball as a Fortune Teller

When you look into a crystal sphere, you look into nothingness, as it were. This allows you to work a different part of the brain, allowing you to perceive other things. You enter an intuitive state where your own thoughts are turned off and your subconscious takes over. In that case you have come to a certain concentration point where you can have visions. What these look like varies from person to person.

Decoration at Spiru

Are you looking for colored or clear crystal balls for sale and other reflective and shiny decoration items to go along with them? Then take a look at our Window Hangers, a Rainbow Crystal or a Wind Mobiles. In addition, there are many other products made of Rock Crystal. How about the Raw Gemstones, Gemstone Pyramids, Gemstone Points and Gemstone Sculptures? Turn your home into a true work of art. Everything related to decoration can be found at Spiru!