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Cauldrons or Witches’ Cauldrons are cast iron pots with a lid, three legs and a handle. You can buy a cast iron witches’ cauldron to display or hang on a special stand. The Cauldron is widely used during shamanistic rituals of Wiccans and (neo-)pagans, as a pot to brew magical mixtures, or as a heat resistant holder for Incense or White Sage.

Why the Witches’ Cauldron Symbolizes Femininity

Cauldrons play a special role on pagan altars, as they represent the feminine element in the cosmos. In many nature religions they symbolize fertility, growth and prosperity. The bowl shape is reminiscent of a womb in which forces are transformed into new life. According to Wiccans, the feminine represents our abilities to transform and thus create. It doesn’t matter if it’s having a baby or writing your first book. Cauldrons are therefore all about inspiration. Keep that in mind while working with your cauldron!

Why the Witches’ Cauldron Represents the Power of Water

Shamanic rituals often work with the four elements. The Witches’ Cauldron then represents the element of water: the power of movement and change. In many cultures this too has to do with female symbolism, goddesses, and fertility. For example, the Second Chakra refers to everything that comes and goes, such as emotions, seasons and hormonal cycles. The moon, which regulates feelings and tides, plays a major role in this.

Why Witches’ Cauldrons Have Three Legs

The number of legs of the witches’ cauldrons also have a special meaning. Three is a magical number in Celtic mythology and Wicca. You can see it in the Triquetra and the Moon symbol for the Three Goddesses. The number stands for the harmony of different phases such as the three stages of growth, death and rebirth, or the holy apparitions of virgin, mother, and wise old woman. Three refers to the constant cycles of change and represents reincarnation and immortality.

Symbols Found on Witches’ Cauldrons

Cauldrons are often decorated with pagan symbols. Of course you mainly see signs of femininity and connection, such as the Triquetra, the Three Moon symbols or other Celtic Knots such as the Infinite Knot. The Tree of Life is also often cast or engraved on cauldrons because it represents the wisdom of nature. Finally, you will find cauldrons with the Pentagram. This five pointed star refers to the five elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit.

How to Place a Witches’ Cauldron on Your Altar

You often see cauldrons on a Wiccan Altar. They are then on the left, where the feminine aspects of the universe are represented. Here you will often find other bowl-shaped instruments such as singing bowls or chalices. Often, witches’ cauldrons are also filled with dried herbs or a mixture of water and fresh petals. These are all elements that Wiccans associate with goddesses and femininity.

What to Use a Cast Iron Cauldron For

  • For Rituals and Magic
  • As an Incense Burner or Smudge Bowl
  • To Store Herbs

For Rituals and Magic

You can buy a cauldron for your Altar or for making mixtures. If you prepare your brews over fire, then you literally transform ingredients into something new. You can also mix herbs without heating them, for example with Essential Oils or water. According to Wiccans, you then use the aid of air or water to complete your mixing ritual. As long as you are in your element!

Witches’ Cauldron As Incense Burner Or Smudge Bowl

Cauldrons are also suitable for burning incense or sage. Put a layer of sand in it so that the bottom does not get too hot. Place some Incense Sticks in it, put an Incense Cone on the sand, or burn Incense Loose on charcoal. Cauldrons are also very useful during a sage ceremony. Because they are fireproof, they are a good replacement for an Abalone Shell.

Storing Herbs

The cast iron cauldron usually has a lid. That is why they also serve as storage jars for dried herbs. Without a lid, they are used to dry freshly picked plants or flowers. These come in handy when putting together your own healing mix or fragrant blend of herbs. Or maybe you would like to dry herbs to make a Smudge Stick for a personal cleansing ritual.

Buy Witches’ Cauldron With Tripod for Outdoor Cooking

In Hungary they use enamel bogracs, which are similar to witches’ cauldrons, for outside in the garden. It is a robust outdoor cooking pot made especially for preparing the most delicious dishes for family and friends. The cast iron pot hangs on a tripod above the open flames. For this, they use a large cauldron that can sometimes hold up to 13 liters. If you don’t want to make a large portion of goulash, then such a large tripod cauldron might be a bit too much. Smaller cauldrons are then more practical.

Witches’ Cauldron For Sale At Spiru

At Spiru you will find different types of cauldrons with or without a lid. Variants with a lid can be useful when you want to close them like a jar, for example after burning incense or smudge. Some come with well-known Celtic symbols such as the Triquetra, Tree of Life, or the Pentagram. Don’t forget the rest of your spiritual instruments, such as Tarot Cards, Dowsing Rods, Biotensors, or Pendulums. This way you can quickly create a ritual that suits you completely. Whatever enchants you, magical moments start at Spiru!