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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Dowsing Rod

At Spiru we have a dowsing rod for sale for everyone. In general, they are made of brass and they can be used in the practice of Dowsing, Witching, or Divining. Whether you are an interested beginner or an avid practitioner for years, you can find appropriate dowsing rods for sale with us. At Spiru we have plenty of different rods that can be used by anyone.

Divining Rod, Witching Sticks or a Dowsing Stick

They’re known by many names, which isn’t surprising since they’ve been used around the world for hundreds of years! According to users, dowsing rods detect energy in the earth produced by hidden water veins, ore, gems, and possibly lost items, among other things. You could also use a dowsing rod to uncover bricked in pipes and wiring in your house. In addition, it is believed that they react to the earth’s rays and other forces that disrupt the energy flow. Some people also use the rod to answer personal questions or to detect ailments and energy blockages in people or animals. They do this by looking for disturbance fields with an unhealthy influence.

How the Dowsing Rod Works

Scientifically, the functioning of a dowsing rod is explained by the ideomotor effect. This is a psychological term for the unconscious muscle movement as a reaction to a stimulus in your brain. That means that a dowsing rod reacts mainly to the person using it rather than to the environment. Dowsers are said to be more sensitive to electromagnetic fields themselves and it is believed that the rods just help them to focus and interpret their reactions. Although some enthusiasts also believe that the rods themselves react to the energy fields. Try it and see what you think!

Different Models of Dowsing Rods at Spiru

Rods come in different models, of which the Y and L shapes are the best known. In the past they were made from branches. Most dowsing rods today are made of copper, plastic, or engineered wood.

Y-Shaped Dowsing Rod

The Y-shaped rod is best known. This consists of one whole that you hold horizontally with the point forward in both hands. While walking, look at the point. According to experts, this shape would be very useful if you want to track down a specific point, such as a lost object or gem. Y shaped sticks are also the classic water divining rods. The tip  moves up or down to lead your way to the water source.

L-Shaped Rod

These are two L-shaped bars that you hold each in one hand by the short side. The space between them is about 30 to 40 cm. The long side then points horizontally forward. Again, you watch the sticks while walking. They move back and forth during the search, directing your way. These rods are often used to find hidden locations or to see in which direction something is going. For example, you can think of the pipes in the house. This shape is also used as a divining stick to answer questions.

Are Dowsing Rods for Everyone?

In principle, anyone could practice dowsing. It is said that half an hour of practice is enough to get started with rods (L-shaped). Just remember, you use the rods as an extension of your own intuition: you as a person are the most sensitive instrument in the world. Before you start, remember to focus the rod to what you are looking for or what you want to know. It is also important that you clearly formulate any questions.

Which Dowsing Rod Is Right For Me?

It is especially important that you know what you are looking for when choosing a rod. If you want to get started with divining, you can start with the L-shaped dowsing rod. It is also suitable for answering questions or for determining directions. Other models are more suitable for the experienced diviners. The Y-shaped one is especially suitable for finding specific points.

Buy Dowsing Rods and More for Reading Energy Fields

Spiru also has a selection of Biotensors for researching other energy flows. These are presented in a handy storage box. Our assortment of Pendulums is extensive, and they have the added advantage of being beautiful as jewelry or decoration. Take a look at our other categories and be surprised by our huge range of consciously spiritual products.