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Spell Candles

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Spell Candles

Spell Candles are small colored candles used by Wiccans to enhance spells and other rituals. They are usually short, narrow lights in a color from the rainbow. Each of these hues, according to witches, belongs to a specific energy or area of life and could be applied to it through magical work.

Why Wiccans Work with Magic Candles

Witches, Wiccans and other shamans like to use fire to spread wishes and other good intentions. According to the laws of nature magic, heat helps to transport energy. Candles would thus be able to send messages. Also, the light of flames would add positive power to it and turn wish into reality. For real witches, small Wiccan candles have a big effect! Read More about How Wiccans Do Their Modern Magic Here.

What is Candle Magic?

Wiccans work in many ways with the light and heat of flames. One example is candle magic to empower wishes. In this ritual you use a magic candle of your choice and a piece of paper of the same color. On this colored paper, you write an intention for that area of life. Then pass the wish through the flame and blow out the candle. Do you want to do it without wasting paper? Then focus on an image of your desire or say it several times as a mantra. When it comes to candle magic, spells arenā€™t necessary, just your own steadfast intentions!

Colors of Spell Candles and Their Meaning

Magic candles come in all colors of the rainbow, including black and white. Each shade has its own meaning for witches. In general, the different candles represent these qualities:

  • Red: Symbolizes vitality, courage and masculine strength.
  • Pink: Would evoke friendship, romance and affection.
  • White: To witches, radiates purity, peace and spirituality.
  • Yellow: Used to represent mental faculties.
  • Green: According to users, it gives abundance and fertility.
  • Blue: Inspires witches with feminine wisdom, protection and healing.
  • Purple: Would create spiritual power.
  • Black: Used for grounding energy during rituals.

Spell Candles and Other Spiritual Tools at Spiru

In addition to ritual candles, Spiru also offers other instruments for your magical work. How about a Witchesā€™ Cauldron for your personal Wiccan Altar? If you want to master your divination skills, practice with a Crystal Ball, Biotensor, Dowsing Rod, Ouija Board or Tarot Cards and then conveniently store your spiritual treasures in a beautiful Tarot Box. Maybe try Pendulum Dowsing with our Beginner’s Guide. However you work, ritual tools can be found at Spiru!