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Rainbow Crystals

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Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow crystal is a transparent crystal cut in facet. It is usually made of crystal glass, but there are also more expensive variants of quartz or rock crystal. Not only do you get an artful object, the crystal also does something special. Rainbow crystals act like prisms that separate white light into individual colors. So if daylight falls on these prism suncatchers, you get a colorful effect. The sunlight is refracted in rainbow colors via the polished facet surfaces. A rainbow crystal is simple yet magical at the same time!

How a Rainbow Crystal Works

A rainbow crystal has different planes with which it receives light. Because light enters the glass from different angles, it bends. When that happens, the beam splits into individual rainbow colors. That’s because white light is actually a combination of different tones such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. There are also infrared and ultraviolet rays in white light, but these are invisible to the human eye. You see a large part of the color spectrum when white light passes through a prism! According to experts, the best variants are made of crystal glass with a high lead content. The presence of this metal increases the refractive index of light. That is a physical term to indicate how rich the color spectrum is that the glass radiates. It also indicates the brilliance of the crystal. So more lead means more sparkle!

The Spiritual Meaning of Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow crystals, of course, symbolize the rainbow – we don’t need to tell you that. As you may know, the rainbow often represents connection and unity that exists within apparent differences. Seven bright colors come together to create something beautiful. This is how a crystal rainbow suncatcher shows us the beauty of diversity for many people. It can also stand for cheerfulness or harmony. The play of colors of Rainbow Crystals also reminds enthusiasts of the seven chakras. Each energy center has a color that corresponds to the rainbow. This palette also has similarities with the aura tones for many people. Rainbow crystals are therefore often used in chakra or aura healing. The aura would then even pick up or recharge from the colors from the prism that it needs!

Rainbow Window Crystals and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese teaching that deals with housing fortune and misfortune. It provides a set of tips to furnish your home in such a way that you can live comfortably. This design philosophy works based on the principle of life energy: chi. According to Feng Shui, a rainbow suncatcher prism effect improves the energy flow in the house. This is because they help to scatter light and especially natural light. Feng Shui practitioners believe that these kinds of natural elements are very important for your well-being. Crystal balls and prisms spread light to places where it does not naturally come and helps to brighten up dark areas of your home. Natural light elements also help to cancel out sharp corners, which according to Feng Shui, have a negative effect on chi. You make these corners softer by adding a green element or light. Use rainbow crystals as window suncatcher to bring natural light and life to your home – completely Feng Shui!

The Effect of a Rainbow Crystal Sphere

Spheres are the most popular crystal suncatchers. This is not only because they refract the light nicely, but the spheres also usually move a bit due to the airflow present in the house. They spin around like a natural disco ball! This way you get rainbow colors that dance throughout the room, without using extra energy. All you have to do is enjoy it!

Creating Atmosphere with a Rainbow Crystal

Rainbow crystals are usually hung by the window, individually or in groups. For example, you could make a mobile by hanging several crystals together. They can be the same or different types. Nothing is too crazy, as long as it brings you joy. How about a homemade garland? They’re not only fun for birthdays, but also on dark winter days when the light is scarce. The glass crystals then look like icicles that glisten in the winter sun!

Rainbow crystals can also be displayed on a windowsill. Experiment with the light effect they give on your walls and furniture. For example, place a mandala with it. The effect of rainbow crystals doubbles near mirrors or reflective surfaces. You can play with that too!

How to Hang a Rainbow Crystal

Rainbow crystals have a puncture, but no cord or wire. You can choose how you hang the crystal. Most people opt for fishing line or nylon cord. It is sturdy, unobtrusive and thus emphasizes the form of the finely made glass suncatcher. It also looks like your crystal is floating in the air! Of course you can also let your imagination run wild. Feel free to use a colorful cord if it suits your interior or try some coarser rope to combine natural materials. Each thread has its own character and creates a different look. So make it personal, so you can enjoy it the most.

Choose From These Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow crystal comes in many different varieties. There are loose crystals, but also complete window hangers with different types of crystals in them. If you go for a single crystal, you can choose from all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes. Think of a rainbow crystal ball, cone, drop or leaf shape. In addition, you have crystals with neutral or colored glass. These range from violet tones to champagne or pearl shimmer. When light passes through it, the tinted glass imparts a specific color. Multicolor crystals also have their own character. These types are cut in such a way that a rainbow is also created inside the glass when light falls. These different versions are usually 2 cm to 5 cm in size. Quite small for such a big effect!

Atmosphere at Spiru

In our webshop you will find countless products to bring your home’s chi into the best possible condition. In addition to Rainbow Crystal, Candles are also a favorite for bringing natural light into the house. Use them on their own or in Mood Lights, whichever gives your interior the right glow. Would you like something colorful in your window frame? Maybe Window Hangers are something for you. Natural Dreamcatchers or a moving Wind Mobile also give your home a lively atmosphere, just like Exotic Rugs. Do you also feel something special when you look at Spiritual Statues? Then place them where they stand out to remind yourself and your housemates of something transcendent every day. You will find special items for an inspiring interior at Spiru!