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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Biotensors, or measuring rods, consist of a handle connected to a steel rod, usually by a spring. The rod has a weight on the other end. These instruments measure energy that they detect through different vibration frequencies. Through this form of commuting, you could for example, tap into your subconscious. Although, it’s entirely up to you what you want to achieve with it.

How a Biotensor Works

When you take the instrument in your hand, you will notice that the biotensor immediately starts to move. This is the result of the subtle vibrations your energy is always making, being amplified by the biotensor. Think of it as, a kind of magnifying glass for the vibrations that you and your energy produce. Although it is very similar to Commuting with a pendulum or dowsing rods, the Biotensor is different. Experts believe that tensors react to the vibrations of the environment as well. These vibrations may be produced by a person, an animal or by nature. That is why they are also called “bio-energetic test devices,” with which you can detect disturbances in energy, according to experts.

The Important Parts of a Biotensor Explained

Biotensors do not always look the same. They are personal measuring instruments and therefore differ from one another. There is a unique biotensor for every person! However, they always contain the same important parts:


The handle of a tensor must lie comfortably in your palm. That is why there are several shapes of handles available, all made of different materials. For example wood, copper, metal, and gemstones (such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Rock Crystal) are common materials for handles.


This is often called the “antenna” or “tensor”. The rod is usually connected to the handle by a spring. A spring ensures that the antenna moves easily, however not all tensors have one. It just depends on what you prefer!


A counterweight, or “bobber” is often attached to the end of the rod. This ensures a balanced movement occurs in response to the vibrations detected. In other words, the movement remains manageable; the bobber prevents the antenna from swinging wildly in all directions once the biotensor picks up vibrations. This weight can be a steel point, a bead, or a gemstone ball.


The decoration is also an important part because it personalizes your biotensor. Buying a professional biotensor does not mean that the instrument cannot have a personal touch! It is thought that the more the biotensor feels like an extension of yourself, the better the instrument may work. So choose a biotensor made from your favorite gemstone or one with your favorite spiritual symbol on the handle!

Personal Pendulum Options for More Insight!

If you’re looking for a unique biotensor for sale, you have come to the right place at Spiru. You can also visit our website for other commuting tools. An instrument that is comparable to a biotensor is the dowsing rod. However, most commuting enthusiasts recommend starting with a pendulum. We offer a wide range of Metal Pendulums, Gemstone Pendulums, Faceted Pendulums and Orgonite Pendulums. Have you found one you like? Then use it in combination with a pendulum mat and store your new buddy in a pendulum pouch (both can be found at Pendulum Accessories). Tired of swinging a pendulum or tensor? Then try out the Tarot Cards to gain new insights. And by keeping your cards in one of the graceful Tarot Boxes, you are fully prepared as a spiritual insight advisor.