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Resin Incense

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Resin Incense

Frankincense is natural resin used in incense, tapped from tree bark. After curing, it forms granules, also called ‘tears’. Resin incense has been used for centuries during religious services and rituals, traditionally in churches and temples. The grains are burned in special Censers, which are ceremonially swung around for blessings and for the energetic purification of spaces. Resin comes into its own in large spaces because of its strong odor and billowing smoke formation. There are also special church incense mixes such as Gloria and Pontifical. These blends contain classic aromas such as the well known Myrrh incense, but also Olibanum, Amber and Benzoin.

Burning Resin Incense on Charcoal

Resin incense is traditionally burned on Charcoal. The charcoal tablet lies on a layer of sand in a Loose Incense Burner or Censer. These holders are the most resistant to the released heat. For safety, always use suitable tongs when handling charcoal tablets or resin granules.

Sieve Incense Burner for Resin

Another way to enjoy a wonderful resin scent is with a Sieve Incense Burner. This holder contains a strainer with a tea light underneath. The combustion process is somewhat slower and releases less smoke. This method is especially useful for small spaces, where resin is quickly overpowering. A larger sieve burner, will of course increase the effect. It is also good to use a matching pair of pliers to grip the incense strainer.

Choosing Your Fragrance

Spiru has a wide range of traditional, authentic and exotic fragrances. Frankincense is often the base resin and is generally considered the best incense resin.Ā  Other ingredients are added to this to create different varieties and scents. You can easily combine these scented resins, allowing you to put together a personal mix of your favorite aromas. There are also plenty of ready-made fragrance combinations to help you to discover your preferences!

Traditional Incense Shopping at Spiru

Spiru has everything for the lover of Loose Incense and Resins. There is a wide range available on the website for our home mixers and fragrance magicians. In addition to our beautiful stock of exotic resins, we also have classics like Tibetan Incense, Palo Santo, and White Sage. If you prefer not to have smoke indoors, take a look at our Fragrance Stones or Aroma Diffusers. At Spiru you will find inspiring scents for a magical atmosphere!