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Purchase of incense resin
Incense resin is a completely natural product. The resin is drawn from the bark of the tree. After hardening, it forms grains. These are also called ‘tears’. Resin has been used for religious services and rituals for centuries. In special hanging incense burners the pellets are then ceremonally flung around. In this way, rooms are cleaned and energy is cleaned.

Incense grains are thus traditionally used in churches and temples. Resin is particularly effective in large spaces. This is because of its strong perfume and the amount of smoke released. There are special cemeteries such as Gloria and Pontifical. These mixtures contain classic flavors such as mirre, olibanum, amber and benzoë.
Grain incense or resin is traditionally burned on a wood coal tablet. The tablet is then placed on a layer of sand in a fire-resistant incense holder made of metal. A refractory container is resistant to the heat that is released. This way, the incense is safe to light. Always use a matching pair of pliers when handling charcoal or placing grains.

Another way to enjoy a delicious resin smell is with a zeefwierook burner. This holder contains a sieve with a tea light underneath it. As a result, the combustion process is somewhat slower. This method is therefore particularly useful for small spaces, where resin quickly dominates. If you take a larger sieve burner, you will of course increase the effect. Again, use a matching pair of pliers to tackle the incense sieve.
Choosing yoke
Spiru has a wide range of traditional, authentic and exotic scents. The different types of pellets are easy to mix. So you can put the incenses together yourself. So you can create a personal mix from your favorite aromas. There are also plenty of prepared fragrance combinations to discover your preferences!
Fragrance & aroma at Spiru
Spiru has everything for the lover of loose incense. For our home mixers and fragrance mixers there is a large selection available on the website. Besides our beautiful stock of exotic resins, herbs, powders and spices we also have classic favourites like Palo Santo and white sage. Our ethereal oil or fair trade odour candles are also highly recommended. If you don’t want a fire indoors, take a look at our odour stones or aroma diffusers. Bet there’s something nice in between? Spiru sells inspiring fragrances for a magical atmosphere!