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Charcoal is mainly used to burn incense resin or incense granules. Also loose incense is sometimes burned on charcoal tablets. The technique is similar. In both cases use a refractory metal incense holder and/or put a layer of sand on the bottom of your burner. Then place the tablet on top of it. This way your holder does not become too hot and you prevent damage to the surface.
Burn charcoal
When your incense burner is ready for use, you can light the cabbage. Use a lighter or match on the side of the disc. Lignite can emit sparks, so do this in a fire-safe environment. Also make sure that children and pets cannot reach the burning coals.

The tablet needs oxygen to burn evenly. In the beginning there may also be some smoke from it. Opening a window can’t hurt! If the whole cabbage glows red and no longer sparks, add a small amount of incense grains or herbs.

Place a pinch of incense in the middle of the cabbage. If the resin, grains or herbs are burned after a while, scrape off some ashes from the tablet with an iron pincer. This releases flammable material again. Never touch a red-hot pair of glasses, but always use a fireproof pair of pliers or tweezers.

Don’t just throw the released ashes into the dustbin: charcoal stays hot for a very long time. Let it smoulder gently until it has cooled completely.
Charcoal absorbs moisture quickly. This does not benefit the ignition power. So always keep your charcoal discs in an airtight bag or box.
eur and aroma at Spiru
Spiru has everything for the lover of loose incense. For our home mixers and scent magicians there is a wide range of products available. In addition to the well-known Palo Santo and white sage, we have a wonderful stock of exotic resins, herbs, powders and spices. Also enjoy it with our etheric oil or fair trade scented candles. If you prefer not to have a fire in the house, take a look at our scented stones or aroma diffusers. Bet there’s something nice in between? Spiru sells inspiring fragrances for a magical atmosphere!