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Incense is a simple way to increase the atmosphere in your environment. A fine fragrance works wonders with a human being! The special composition of incense also ensures that the smell spreads quickly through your home. This gives you a lot of fun with a small stick. If you also use a beautiful plank or decorative holder for your incense sticks, then your scent ceremony won’t break down at all!

Incense exists in thousands of scents and types. Each type has its own symbolic meaning and effect. These properties can then be used for special purposes. Maybe you are looking for a certain atmosphere or a fitting scent for your intention. So always ask yourself what you need the incense for. That way you will benefit most from your choice.
User Modes
Incense can be used for many different purposes. The best known of these are:

In meditation to stimulate brightness and tranquility
In rituals to regulate energy or get into trance
Encreating lucid dreams
Cleaning spaces and atmospheres
Pulling and repelling energies and entities
Stimulating creativity and insight

Spiru has a wide range of fragrances and mixtures. Therefore, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find your preference. Rest assured, we list here the most common herbs and spices for you. How to start your smoking ceremony informed:

Amber: Symbolizes knowledge and history. It is good to use in meditation sessions to gain information or insight.
Cedarwood/cedarwood: Promotes strength. It has traditionally been used to prepare armies for battle.
Channel: Wis associated with passion and lust. Cinnamon has a stimulating power and stimulates energy.
Jasmine: Gathers love and beauty, both inner and outer. It strengthens friendships.
Lavender: Lavender promotes relaxation and harmony.
Lotus: Creates more brightness. Helps to focus
Musk: Musk brings more balance.
Mirre: Is often associated with divine energy. It symbolizes renewal and cleansing.
Nag Champa: Is a sacred species. It is often used in cleaning rituals. Supports meditation sessions and spiritual growth.
Opium: Enhances dreams and sleep, in specifically lucid dreams.
Sandalwood / sandalwood: Has many similarities with the Nag Champa. This species also helps to clean the environment.
Vanilla: Vanilla is associated with intelligence and mental abilities.
Rose: Rose scent traditionally stands for passion, love, sex and desire.

Select incense
Because there are so many species, you may have trouble finding a suitable incense. That’s why we’ve made a small manual for you. Here you can read what the different species are and how they work. Also handy when you want to give someone a wonderfully relaxing gift!
Burning and saving
You can burn incense sticks on a incentive board or a incentive holder. Place the stick with the wooden bottom in the holder. Light the stick near the scent material at the top. Blow out the flame so that the stick continues to smoke.

The easiest way to store incense sticks is to store them in a specially designed storage box. You can often burn sticks and incense cones in them. Ideal!
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At Spiru we would like to help you to tailor your environment to your preferences. Geur is the ideal mood maker! Are you already familiar with our etheric oil or fair trade scented candles? If you prefer not to light anything, take a look at our odour stones or aroma diffusers. Bet there’s something nice in between? Spiru sells inspiring fragrances for a magical atmosphere!