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Tibetan Incense

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Tibetan Incense

Tibetan Incense is a traditional herbal incense made according to the principles of Tibetan medicine. This incense has its origin in the Himalaya area. You will find these fragrance sticks not only in Tibet, but also in Bhutan, India, and Nepal. Tibetan incense is therefore also known as Nepalese incense. People burn these sticks during sacrificial services, purification rituals, or meditation.

Meditation and Ceremony

This special herbal incense is so steeped in tradition that it was even written about in Buddhist tantras. It was used to help relax and purify. For example, in Tibetan monasteries, these incense were always burned in four places at once. This happened in special incense holders, the sangkangs. Of course you don’t have to be a monk to enjoy this spiritually beneficial incense. For example, you can burn Tibetan incense sticks in your home and meditation room.

Medicinal Quality

Tibetan medicine is based on two main sources. Those are Buddhist literature and Hindu Ayurveda. These traditions see body and mind as one whole. Incense has a special role in Tibetan medicine, the fragrance is thought to support the life force or ‘rLung.’ The flowing nature of this life force provides movement and change in your body. It also circulates information. rLung is believed to regulate your nervous system, breathing and thinking. In this way, it resembles the Ayurvedic power vata. Tibetan incense is made to calm restlessness and bustling rLung. All you have to do is inhale the special spice mix!

Handmade Incense

Tibetan incense contains herbs, roots, leaves, and flowers from the Himalayan region. These are then processed into handmade sticks or incense powder. Moreover, this is done according to age-old recipes. Authentic Tibetan Incense contains an average of 10 to 30 ingredients.


Like Japanese incense, Tibetan incense sticks do not contain a wooden stick. So unless explicitly stated, they do not fit in regular incense burners. That is why some Tibetan incense comes with a special holder. If a holder is not provided in the package, you can burn Tibetan incense powder in a Loose Incense Holder. There are also special Tibetan burners with a grate, so that the sticks remain upright in the sand.

Types and Scents

Are you looking for a scent for your practice, meditation center, yoga school or temple? At Spiru you can choose from different brands and scents. Are you looking for real temple incense? Then the Gangchen products are for you, made by monks in the Himalayas. According to experts, this is the very best Tibetan Incense.

Herbal Incense at Spiru

Spiru has everything for the lover of pure herbal power. For example, also take a look at our Japanese Incense for scented sticks without wood. There is also a wide range of Loose Herbs available for our home mixers and fragrance magicians. Frankincense Resins are of course also available, just like Palo Santo, and White Sage. You will find inspiring scents at Spiru!