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Tibetan Buying Incense
Tibetan Incense is a traditional herbal incense smoke with a special aroma. He is also known for his healing powers. This incense has its origin in the Himalayan area. Not only in Tibet, but also in Bhutan, India and Nepal you will find these medicinal fragrance sticks. Tibetan incense is therefore also sometimes called Nepalese incense. This species is mainly used during sacrificial services, purification rituals and meditation.
Meditation and ceremony
In Buddhist tantras is already written about this special herbal incense. It would be good for relaxation. The ingredients are also purifying. Both for people and for the environment. In Tibetan monasteries, for example, this incense was always burned in four places at the same time. That was done in special incense holders, the sangangs. So there always ruled harmony and could be well meditated. Tibetan incense is therefore often burned during cleansing rituals and sacrifices.

Of course, you don’t have to be a monk to enjoy this beneficial incense. Good and pure energy is pleasant everywhere. For example, use the Tibetan incense in your home and meditation room. Or experience harmony in your office or practice.
Medical quality
Tibetan medicine is based on two main sources. These are the Buddhist literature and Hindu literature Ayurveda. These traditions see body and mind as a whole. In the Buddhist tantra’s it is written, for example, that ignorance, attachment and aversion are unhealthy. They are therefore called three poisons. Emotions also have an influence on your body!

Incense has a special role in Tibetan medicine. Fragrance supports the life force rLung. It causes movement and change in your body. It also circulates information. rLung controls your nervous system, breathing and thinking. Therefore he resembles the Ayurvedic force vata. Tibetan incense is made to calm turmoil and hustle and bustle. All you have to do is breathe in the special blend of herbs!
Handmade incense
This incense is produced according to the guidelines of traditional Tibetan medicine. It contains herbs, roots, leaves and flowers from the Himalayan area. These are then processed into handmade rods or incense powder. Moreover, this is done according to centuries-old recipes. In this way the good quality is guaranteed. Tibetan incense contains on average 10 to 30 ingredients.
Tibetan incense sticks, like Japanese incenses, do not contain a wooden stick. They do not fit in regular incense burners, unless explicitly mentioned. That’s why some Tibetan incense comes with a special holder – just like the Japanese Morning Star. If an incense holder is included with the rods, this will be indicated in the product description. We also sell special brass incense burners with a grill. That way, your Tibetan incense stays upright while burning. Then place sand at the bottom to strengthen the sticks and catch the ash.

Tibetan incense powder is burned in a container for losse incense. This can be a sieve-smoke burner or a metal holder with sand and wood charcoal.
Types and fragrances
Are you looking for a scent for your practice, meditation center, yoga school or temple? At Spiru you can choose from different brands and scents. Are you looking for a real temple incense? Then the Gangchenproducts are something for you. These were produced by monks in the Himalayan Mountains. According to connoisseurs this is the best incense! Of course we also have the well-known Ohm incense in the assortment. Also Himalayan Mountain is available from us.
Geur & aroma at Spiru
At Spiru we would like to help you to tailor your environment to your preferences. Geur is the ideal mood maker! We have authentic incense from all over the world, for example Japans and Indian. And are you already familiar with our etherical oil or fair trade scented candles? If you prefer not to light anything, take a look at our odour stones or aroma diffusers. Bet there’s something nice in between? Spiru sells inspiring fragrances for a magical atmosphere!