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Japanese Incense

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Buying Japanese Incense

Japanese incense is a special product. In Japanese culture burning incense is treated like an art form. Fragrance is valued as an important part of life and enjoying aromas is nothing less than a form of meditation. 

Nippon Kodo, a well-known Japanese incense producer, is named after this art. Kodo means ‘the path of scent’ and refers to the ceremonial burning of incense. Burning incense is therefore a journey inwards: the aromas evoke emotions and times past. It is even said that your heart ‘hears’ what the smells tell you. Because of its importance, Japanese incense is extremely refined. 

Types and Fragrances

Spiru has a large assortment of authentic Japanese incense sticks. We carry numerous types of Nippon Kodo. This Japanese company has been known for its high quality incense since 1575. These do not contain a wooden stick, so the smell is subtle and pure. In Japan, the Mainichi Koh incense has been a popular house brand since 1912. In the West, the Morning Star is well known for their Japanese sandalwood incense and has been a favorite for 40 years, with 16 delightful floral and plant fragrances for daily use. This is therefore the most sold brand.


Most Japanese incense sticks do not contain a wooden stick, just like Tibetan Incense. Because of this, they do not fit into regular incense burners, unless noted otherwise. Instead Nippon Kodo supplies a standard special holder with its products. If you prefer incense with a stick, then there are the Japanese incense products by Herb & Earth. They contain bamboo of the highest quality which limits the amount of smoke produced and maximizes the aroma of the herbs.

 How to Burn Japanese Incense

On a flat surface, place the stick in the holder provided. It will lean slightly. Light the incense at the top of the stick. Blow out the flame and let the stick remain smoking.

Herbal Incense by Spiru

Spiru has everything for the lovers of pure herbal power. Check out our Tibetan Incense for example, for more incense without wooden sticks. For the home-mixers and fragrance wizards, we have an extensive assortment of Loose Herbal Incense on hand. There is even Resin Incense like Palo Santo and White Sage. Your incense journey begins with Spiru!