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Japanese incense is a special product. In Japanese culture burning incense is a real art. Fragrance is valued as an important part of life. So enjoying it is nothing less than meditation!

Nippon Kodo, a well-known Japanese incense producer, is named after this art. Kodo means ‘the path of smell’. Burning incense is therefore an inner journey: the aromas evoke feelings and times gone by. It is even said that your heart ‘hears’ what the smells tell you. Japanese incenses are therefore not so refined for nothing!
Types and fragrances
Spiru has a wide range of authentic Japanese incenses. Of course we have different types of Nippon Kodo in house. This Japanese company has been known for its high quality incense since 1575. These do not contain a wooden stick, so the smell is subtle and pure.

In Japan, the Mainichi Koh variant has been a real house brand since 1912. In the West, the Morning Star has been a favourite for 40 years: 16 delicious floral and plant fragrances for daily use. This is therefore the most sold incense. More exclusive is the Ka Fuh, a collection based on delicate blossoms. Or incense from authentic woods. That’s a pure scent experience!

The Kayuragi scent sticks are beautifully wrapped in a gift box inspired by the kimono. Morning Star is also available in a gift box. Ideal when you are looking for a special gift!
Most Japanese incense sticks do not contain a wooden stick, just like Tibetan incense. So they don’t fit in regular incense burners, unless mentioned. That is why Nippon Kodo supplies a standard special holder with its products.

If you like a wooden stick, there are also Japanese products from Herb & Earth. These contain the best quality bamboo. This way, little smoke is released and the natural aroma predominates.

Fires of scented sticks:
Place the stick in the supplied holder on a flat surface. He is standing somewhat obliquely. Light the incense at the top. Blow out the flame so that the stick continues to smoke.

Fires of incense sticks:
You can fire incense sticks on a wierookplankje or a wierookholder. Place it on a flat surface. Insert the wooden bottom of the stick into the hole of the holder. Light the top of the fragrance material. Blow out the flame so that the stick continues to smoke.

The easiest way to store incense sticks is to store them in a specially designed storage box. You can often burn sticks and incense cones in them. Ideal!
Geur & aroma at Spiru
Spiru has a wide range of authentic, traditional incense from all over the world. Not only Japanese, but also Tibetan and Indiaas. Are you looking for a scent for your practice, meditation center, yoga school or temple? With us you can choose from several handy large packages. This way you can easily order incense online. Inspiring aroma you will find at Spiru!