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Buying incense Cones
Incense cones or cones, are small pyramids of scented granulate or powder. They do not contain wood as a burning agent, as opposed to wiokokstokjes. Therefore they are ideal if you want to produce less smoke. For example, because you burn in a small room or just don’t like smoke.

You can burn incense cones on a saucer or a special cone burner. This is a round disk or dish that is fireproof and catches the ashes. Cone burners have a recess, so that the cone stays upright. In addition, they often contain extra holes, where you can use wiokokstokjes. So you have a burner that you can use for multiple purposes!

Lighting a cone is not that difficult. You put it upright with the point up and light it there. Use a quiet flame, because the cone burns quite quickly.
Incense cones are available in all kinds of delicious fragrances. Each type has its own symbolic meaning and effect. A good incense fits your intention! Therefore, here is a brief overview of the most common flavourings. This is how you start your smoking ceremony informed:

Amber: Symbolizes knowledge and history. It is good to use in meditation sessions to gain information or insight.
Cedarwood / cedarwood: Promotes strength. It was traditionally used to prepare armies for battle.
Channel: It is associated with passion and lust. Cinnamon has a stimulating power and stimulates energy.
Jasmine: Greats love and beauty, both inner and outer. It strengthens friendships.
Lavender: Lavender promotes relaxation and harmony.
Lotus: Creates more brightness. Helps to focus.
Musk: Musk brings more balance.
Mirre: Oftentimes associated with divine energy. It symbolizes renewal and cleansing.
Nag Champa: Is a holy species. It is often used in cleaning rituals. Supports meditation sessions and spiritual growth.
Opium: Enhandments dreams and sleep, in specific lucid dreams.
Sandalwood / sandalwood: Has many similarities with the Nag Champa. This species also helps to clean the environment.
Vanilla: Vanilla is associated with intelligence and mental capacity.
Rose: Rose scent traditionally stands for passion, love, sex and desire.

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