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Backflow Incense

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Buying Backflow Incense

Buying backflow incense is increasing in popularity. Backflow refers to a special kind of incense burner that makes the smoke coming from a cone flow downwards. The smoke from backflow incense cones does not flow upwards, like it does with other incense cones, but slowly descends. This creates a waterfall effect. These burners, specially designed to create this waterfall effect, are available in all kinds of unique designs.

To Use a Backflow Burner you need Special Incense Cones

The smoke is forced to flow downwards because of the special incense cones and the distinctive shape of a backflow incense burner. Thus, only using a backflow incense burner does not do the trick. It is the backflow incense cones that make sure that the smoke does not flow upwards, but downwards. These special cones are hollow on the inside. While the cone is smouldering, the smoke flows in the hollow space of the cone. How that works exactly is explained below. 

Why the Smoke Flows Downwards like a Waterfall

The waterfall effect is created by the shape of the burner and simple physics. Because the special backflow incense cone is hollow on the inside, a different process than with normal incense cones is put in motion. Hot smoke would normally flow upwards because of air pressure and kinetic energy. The special backflow cone manipulates the smoke to flow downwards through the hollow space. Thus, the surprising waterfall effect is created without something artificial happening. 

Different Sorts of Backflow Incense Cones

The special backflow cones are available in many different scents and colours. For example, there is a backflow incense cone mix from 50 gram and 200 gram. With four different kinds of colours and scents, you will be satisfied for a while. There is something for everyone in this mix:

  • Purple cones – lavender
  • Brown cones – sandalwood
  • Pink cones – rose
  • Clay light brown cones – argy wormwood

The average burning time of the backflow cones is 10 to 15 minutes. Here the rule applies: the bigger the cone, the longer the burning time.  

Short Guide to Backflow Burning

Bought a backflow burner and special cones? Now it is time to start the backflow burning adventure. This is how you create the magical incense waterfall:

  1. Find a place free of wind, so the smoke will not be blown away.
  2. Place the incense cone burner in the chosen spot.
  3. Light the special backflow cone.
  4. Wait until the top of the cone burns properly, then blow out the flame.
  5. When the cone is smouldering, you place it on the hole of the burner.
  6. Wait for a short while and enjoy the spectacle!

Some Safety Tips

Burning incense is not difficult. Nonetheless, here are some tips that make burning incense, without risking burning yourself, even easier. 

  • Place a pair of tweezers and a bowl of water next to the burner/holder. When you want to put out the smouldering cone, you can pick it up with the tweezers and put it in the water.
  • Please note! Even when the cone is burnt out, it can still be hot. You still have to use the tweezers and the water before you can throw out the cone. 
  • Some incense cones release pigment. Therefore, it is a good idea to place a fireproof plate beneath your burner, to make sure that the surface remains unaffected. 

Origins of the Backflow Incense Waterfall 

Incense is used in several different traditions, such as Feng Shui. Perhaps you did not expect this, but incense represents four out of five of the most important elements from this centuries-old tradition. Fire for the burning cone, air for the smoke, a ceramic burner represents the earth, and the smoke effect represents water. Additionally, ‘flow’ is very important in Feng Shui, which is why many followers of Feng Shui have a fountain at home. An incense holder that creates the waterfall effect is quite similar to a fountain!

Buying a Backflow Incense Burner in Different Styles

There are many backflow burners in the shape of a rock or mountain with a simple black coating. The reflection of the white smoke in the glazed layer ensures an extra special effect. In addition to the simple black burner, there are all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are Asian style burners, with Buddha in the center and the smoke flowing downwards next to it. There are even fantasy-themed designs, with mythical creatures like dragons with the smoke coming out of their nostrils. Even when these burners are not being used, they are wonderful to look at!

Buying Backflow Incense? Here’s what you need to pay Attention to

Keep the following questions in mind while choosing a burner:

  • Where will I place the burner?
  • To which style should the burner adhere?
  • Do you prefer a simple design? Or is your taste/style more distinct?
  • Should the burner have certain spiritual symbols?

Perhaps these questions make it a little easier to choose the right burner!

The Right Spot for your Incense Holder Waterfall

Once you have found the incense burner with a waterfall effect that meets your expectations, it’s time to find it a beautiful spot at home. There are many different approaches to choosing the right location for your burner. There are multiple locations at home where it may be possible for your body and mind to come to rest. Maybe you have a meditation room, or even a shrine that perfectly matches the burner. How about placing your burner in the restroom? If you think about it, it is not too weird a place to put your burner, since here you also ‘discharge’, be it in a different way. In addition to the peaceful places, there are also the places that incite unrest; here, a waterfall incense burner would also fit nicely. 

Other Zen Scents and Colours at Spiru

Spiru is the place to buy backflow incense! The backflow burner offers an enchanting sight. How about you add some meditation cushions, to make it a little more comfortable to dream away at this enchanting sight. Do you prefer doing something a little more active? We recommend doing a cleansing ritual at home, using smudge. From incense resin and loose incense to traditional Japanese incense and church incense; there are scents and colours to enjoy for everyone!