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Buying Palo Santo Incense

According to fans, the smell of palo santo does not only have a positive and calming effect on the mind, but there are also physical benefits. Therefore, this holy wood is also used in case of a common cold, headache, negative feelings and anxiety. Palo santo incense comes in the shape of incense sticks, cones and loose chips. 

Palo Santo Origins

Palo santo originates from the Bursera graveolens tree. This tree grows in the Andes region in South America. Only the twigs that naturally fall off the tree are sold. Subsequently, the wood needs to mature, sometimes for ten years, in order for the sweet, warm scent to be released.

Palo Santo Incense Function

In South America, the holy wood has been used for a long time. Shamans have used the wood since the time of the Incas as protection against negative energy and evil spirits. They also believe palo santo has a healing function. In addition to ‘holy wood’ palo santo is called ‘cleansing wood’. To this day, palo santo is used to cleanse energy fields of a place, an object or a person. The Mayas also use the sticks during their cleansing rituals. In the west you can also buy palo santo, which is relatively new. For example, you can buy palo santo online at Spiru!

Buying Palo Santo for its Soothing Qualities

According to palo santo fans, the sweet scent has soothing qualities and improves concentration, making it very useful in situations in which focus is required, such as studying. Palo santo holy wood and palo santo incense are also often used in meditation centres and yoga studios. Back in the day, people used to wear palo santo as an amulet for rest and protection against evil influences. Some people drink it as tea. Traditionally, children take a little piece of palo santo with them to bed, to improve the quality of their sleep. 

Using Palo Santo Incense

The incense is lighted differently than the traditional palo santo wood sticks. Lighting the sticks can be confusing. Normally, you use a candle, match or lighter to light the wooden stick. Subsequently, you let it burn for about 30 seconds, after which you blow out the flame. After doing that, the palo santo stick should smoulder. However, sometimes the smouldering only lasts for a couple of minutes, because the loose sticks don’t burn as long as the palo santo incense does. To diffuse the lovely palo santo scent, you can walk around the room with such a wooden stick. In other cases, using incense might be the better choice. You light the incense in roughly the same way as you do the wooden sticks, however, it might be a good idea to use an incense burner.

Satya Backflow Incense Cones Palo Santo

The Satya backflow incense palo santo cones are a special variant. Backflow incense is growing in popularity. With this kind of incense, the smoke does not go upwards, but it slowly descends. As a result, some kind of waterfall effect is created. There are special backflow incense burners available. The Satya cones burn for about 20 minutes. Keep in mind that, when burned on a backflow burner, backflow incense cones sometimes need about ten minutes before they display the waterfall effect. 

Smudging with Palo Santo

Do you want to go smudging with palo santo? In that case, the holy sticks might be the best option. Put a smouldering piece of holy wood in a fireproof bowl or in an abalone shell with some sand. Take the bowl or shell in your hands and make sure you very diligently take it to every corner of a room. Complete the ceremony with our other smudge necessities, such as bowls, feathers and charcoals. 

Buying Incense at Spiru

Spiru offers all different kinds of scents. There is something for everyone. Do you need more tips on buying incense? Read our blog about choosing incense to make the right decision. Furthermore, at Spiru, you can even buy traditional Tibetan incense or Japanese incense. Additionally, in honour of those who love the power of herbs, we sell natural incense. And for those interested, we have a wide range of frankincense. Whatever you choose, your nose will be very happy when you buy incense at spiru!