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Zodiac Sign Virgo: Perfectionist Puzzlers

By Maggie 7 June 2022
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Zodiac Sign Virgo? Then you may be similar to Beyoncé or Stephen King! In this blog you will discover these traits!

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Virgo Characteristics in General

If you were born between August 23 and September 23, you are the Virgo zodiac sign. People born under the constellation Virgo are known for being down to earth, hard workers with great willpower, represented by a maiden harvesting her grain. With your analytical skills and eye for detail, you are probably a star at solving cryptograms or other puzzles. Despite your intelligence and perseverance, you are very modest. You prefer to wave away compliments and you’d rather not be in the spotlight too much.

Other common Virgo qualities are that they are often reliable, accurate and perfectionistic. They dream of doing things right or even making the world a better place, although they often try to convince themselves that they don’t give a damn. This can make them appear cold, while on the inside they are often emotional and can worry a lot. Between their sensitivity and intellect, Virgos tend to be over-thinkers. For example, many Virgos tend to be very concerned with their health, and can even be a bit of hypochondriacs.

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Significance Virgo Zodiac in Astrology

The Virgo Zodiac is the sixth sign of the zodiac and, like Gemini, its governing celestial body is the mobile planet Mercury. Both signs have broad interests, are smart, curious and quick to absorb facts and events, but are also restless and at times somewhat nervous. Despite these similarities, there is one big difference: Virgo is an Earth sign and Gemini is an Air sign. Unlike impulsive Gemini, Virgos tend to take their time immersing themselves in a subject. When making a decision, people with this zodiac sign calmly go through all the information and only act once they are convinced. If they’re interested in something they want to spend time learning everything about it. This is reflected in the Virgo symbol.  The maiden puts great patients and care into her harvest, just like a Virgo puts thought and care into their lives.

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Virgos at Work

A Virgo likes organization, so a cluttered and unstructured environment is not an ideal place for them to work. They create order in the world by making lists and planning, something that matches their perfectionism. The dark side of this is that they can get nervous when people come to take a look at their unfinished work. As you know by now, they are good at weighing the pros and cons before acting. This prevents them from making hasty decisions. Although they can sometimes be bossy when they need to get something done, they are not typically great leaders. They don’t like to be in the spotlight. They are witty, articulate and good at solving problems. This makes Virgos good detectives, lawyers or scientists.

Virgo People in Friendships

Chances are that as a Virgo, you are witty, eloquent, sensible and cheerful. People are easily charmed by your humor and ability to put others at ease. Also kindness and helpfulness are characteristics of the Virgo zodiac sign. This makes others feel special and loved. Even though you probably won’t ask for help yourself, you really sympathize with others. It’s like Virgos always know what their friends need! Thanks to your empathy, honesty and analytical character, you give the very best advice. However, Virgos may have difficulty maintaining friendships. Sometimes with a Virgo friend you will have to wait for weeks before you get a text back!

Virgo Traits in Love and Relationships

As a Virgo, you probably like humor and intelligence. You may find a mental click more important than physical attraction. You can become impatient and frustrated when others are not on the same level of thinking. Another turn-off is a partner who is unconcerned with their health. You do not easily see yourself together with someone who always eats unhealthy, drinks a lot, smokes and does not exercise. Furthermore, people with your zodiac sign usually come across as aloof and not romantic, because you don’t like to talk about your feelings. What people quickly forget is that you are very faithful and loyal! Virgos won’t show their emotions until they trust someone.

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Which Zodiac Sign Suits Virgo?

People with the Taurus Zodiac sign would be a good match for Virgo. The Taurus-Virgo relationship values ​​the same things: stability, involvement and problem solving in a rational way. The other earth sign, Capricorn, could also be a good match for you as he places a high value on success. This is where Capricorns can help you move forward and they will be your personal cheerleader. Water signs like Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer could also work, as water and earth make firm, fertile soil. Water signs can bring out Virgo’s sensitive sides and, like Virgo, usually get along well with others.

Challenges for Virgos

Virgo’s critical and perfectionist attitude can sometimes appear know-it-all to others. In addition, they may find it difficult to make decisions, causing them to hesitate indefinitely. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them! Despite their cold appearance, their emotions can sometimes take the upper hand and this leads to insecurity. If Virgos allow themselves to be more vulnerable, they will receive a lot of warmth.

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Virgo Gemstone

There are several great Virgo Crystals. This Earth sign is said to be level-headed and may occasionally have trouble expressing feelings. Agates are the best crystals for Virgos when it comes to this problem. This stone could give you a feeling of safety and security in times of stress, just like Aventurine. Aventurine would help to open certain doors and create possibilities. Also a good Virgo stone could be an Amazonite. When you’re feeling stuck or like you’ve hit a roadblock, Amazonite could help you to take a step back and find the right path.

Other crystals Virgos could benefit from are :


Gemstone Apatite is said to work on the mental faculties, according to crystal experts. The crystal could help you think outside the box and help ease anxieties. The stone would keep your mind clear. According to the Chakra Colors, blue Apatite affects the Vishudda chakra, also called the throat chakra or fifth chakra. This chakra connects to your ability to express your emotions and feelings, something that Virgos could use a little help with.

Blue Topaz

The Blue Topaz is said to represent love, prosperity and happiness. The stone could help you achieve your goals and make dreams come true. It may strengthen relationships and friendships as it encourages loyalty and honesty. Blue topaz could help you see the truth and recognize people with wrong intentions. The stone could also bring you wisdom.


The carnelian gemstone is said to have a motivating, warming and, above all, activating effect. Many believe that carnelian has a positive effect on your self-confidence and help you to stand up for yourself. Since Virgos have trouble voicing their needs, this could be a real help. The stone would make you courageous and full of life and is even said to reduce jealousy and anger. Do you suffer from concentration problems or sleeping problems? This stone may help promote a good night’s sleep and increased energy.

Lapis Lazuli

This deep blue stone is the friendship stone. According to experts, the stone is a very social crystal that positively stimulates friendships and relationships. The Lapis Lazuli would encourage you to be sincere and to connect with others. The stone could enhance Virgo’s communication skills.

Red Jasper

According to experts, the Red Jasper is the stone of vitality and perseverance. Virgos could benefit greatly from the red jasper, according to astrologers. The energetic vibe of this gemstone could turn ideas into action. In addition, it would encourage you to process feelings before starting something new.


Shungite is a mineral that contains a lot of carbon. According to gemologists, this stone – just like Black Tourmaline – can repel electromagnetic radiation and negative energy. Virgos are very sensitive so a little bit of protection from bad vibes can be good for them. It would therefore be a good stone to place near electronic devices to absorb stagnant energy, which the health conscious Virgo could really appreciate. It is important to energetically cleanse Shungite regularly with a proper method of Gemstone Cleansing.

Tiger’s Eye

With a name like Tiger’s Eye, it shouldn’t be surprising that this gem encourages strength, courage and confidence. For these reasons, it’s a great tool when tasks require concentration and perseverance. Wearing this gemstone could promote curiosity and boost your creativity. Tiger’s Eye could also be a good helping hand when making decisions, as it could provide insights and help you to oversee situations. Importantly for Virgos, as they tend to overthink and doubt, Tiger’s Eye can make people more decisive.

Some people believe that red stones or gems known for their energizing effect could help Virgos. Cheerful gemstones like this are Sunstone and Citrine. These stones would give joy of life and self-confidence.

Virgo Zodiac Birthstone

Which Birthstone Suits the Virgo Zodiac Sign? The Birthstone of Virgo for August is the Peridot. This positive gem among the gems could help you with personal growth and development. In addition, it could provide harmony in relationships. For Virgos born in the month of September, there is the Sapphire. He could help focus and to create self-discipline.

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Spirituality Virgo

Virgos tend to take themselves very seriously. They work hard and are very practical. Good spiritual practices for them are therefore ones that inspire positive thinking and openness. For example Affirmation Meditation can help them to find and appreciate their best qualities. Journaling can help them to express their deep feelings and emotions, even if they’re not ready to share them with others. And getting creative by making a Mandala can help the reserved Virgo to see the beauty of connection.

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Learn More About Astrology

It is possible that your Zodiac sign is Virgo, but that you do not fully recognize yourself in the descriptions in this blog. That’s very possible! Astrology isn’t just simply reading zodiac signs. For example, the Astrological House of your birth chart is also very important. Are you curious about the properties of other zodiac signs? Then take a look at our other blogs about astrology, including Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo.

Do you recognize yourself in the characteristics of Virgo?

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