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Agate crystals are usually earth tones, but can be different colors such as white, grayish, blue, reddish, and various browns with narrow bands of a variety of colors. These band patterns are sometimes regular in shape, but sometimes erratic. Different variants are distinguished depending on the color and patterns. The stone is slightly translucent to translucent and has a matte to satin sheen. Often the stone is enhanced by adding an artificial color. It is found in Brazil, Uruguay, and the United States, among other places.

What is Agate?

Agate is a gemstone from the quartz family and a variant of Chalcedony. The stone is formed in the cavities of volcanic rocks, which are essentially hardened volcanic gas bubbles. A so-called agate nodule then forms in these bubbles. An agate nodule that is hollow inside is a geode. When it is solid and filled, almond agate is created. Hence, most Agate stones are also almond shaped. The bands and lines on the stone can consist of chalcedony, carnelian, jasper, onyx, rock crystal, amethyst, and opal. The earth colors of the stone arise when iron and sometimes manganese are included in the quartz. A black color is caused by inclusions of carbon, while a green or blue color is caused by nickel, copper, or aluminum.

Different Agate Types

You can buy Agate gemstones in different variants. There are so many different varieties that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees, including:

  • Botswana Agate
  • Fire Agate
  • Grape Agate
  • Tree Agate
  • Lace Agate
  • Snakeskin Agate
  • Striped Agate

Officially, however, the moss agate and tree agate would not be true agates, as they have no bands of color.

Agate Meaning

The name of the stone comes from the Achates, a river in southern Sicily where the stone was first found. Today the river is called Drillo.

Agate Properties and Effect

Like the Amethyst, the Agate is known for having a very specific energetic property with many different effects. The effect depends on the person and the variety of Agate. For example, if the stone has many layers, it could have a protective effect. You could buy agate stones with many layers to help with tensions and give a feeling of safety and security. Because of this Agates are used as a kind of companion in daily life, and they are said to bring happiness and joy to the surface. Agate is said to be a stabilizing and protective stone. It could promote inner peace. Furthermore, the stone could increase self-confidence and reduce doubts. The stone is said to stimulate growth by encouraging self-reflection and looking at everything with an objective eye. He could promote logical thinking, concentration, and analytical skills to find solutions to problems you have in life.

Spiritual Effect of The Stone

Some people buy Agate gemstones to help protect their aura, to create a safe feeling and to bring balance to the body, soul, and spirit. It could promote spiritual growth while also ensuring that you maintain a sober attitude during this growth. Also, by having an Agate nearby while dreaming or meditating, you could ensure that you wake up more easily. The stone is said to mainly work on the root chakra, but could also stimulate other chakras. This depends on the color of the stone, for example intuition could be enhanced with the white variant.

Working Agate on a Physical Level

The stone is said to have a positive effect on the sleep rhythm and could help with falling asleep and sleeping in. Some people believe that it could also reduce epileptic seizures and make them less severe. According to users, Agate works well on skin problems. Wounds, burns, acne, eczema, and insect bites would all heal faster from Agateā€™s energy according to its enthusiasts. Also allergic complaints such as skin rash, itching, watery eyes, and hives could be reduced by carrying the almond-shaped stone with you. The stone is also said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Effect of the Stone During Pregnancy

Agate could have a positive effect on the genitals. This stone is often worn by pregnant women. It is known as the protective stone for mother and child, because it is said to give stability, self-control and security. It could help get through the pregnancy well, prevent uterine prolapse, speed up recovery after childbirth, and prevent cystitis. According to users, the stone would also promote the growth of the baby.

Raw Agate

You can buy Agate rough, polished, or cut into form. The raw variant of the stone usually has natural colors, in contrast to the polished variants, to which a color is often added.

How to Care for Agate

Agate can be cleaned and charged in all ways. Take a look at our blog Basic Tips For Gemstone Care.

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