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Peridot Gemstone Meaning

The Peridot stone is a stone that is said to have a cleansing and protective effect. The stone can be recognized by a yellow-green to olive-green color and has a transparent shine. The stone is mined in Brazil, Australia, Kenya, China, Burma, the United States, Zambia, Tanzania, and Norway. However, many of the best Peridot gemstones come from Pakistani Kashmir, in the Suppatt region of the Himalayas.

The name most likely comes from the word Faridat, which is Arabic for gemstone. However, the name could also come from Peridote, which means bright spot or knot in Middle English.

Gemstone Peridot Effects

The Peridot crystal, also called Chrysolite or Olivine, could help you to cleanse your body and mind and could also contribute to a positive attitude to life. It could help you to ward off negative external influences, make you more independent and give you confidence to follow your own path. In addition, the stone could bring you wisdom, friendship, independence, and balance in your life and can support you in letting go of feelings of guilt, jealousy, hatred, and annoyances.

In addition to the spiritual effect of Peridot, the stone could also work for you physically:

  • the stone could help you boost your metabolism
  • the mineral could have a detoxifying effect on your liver
  • Peridot stone could support the reduction of eczema

Peridot Wearing and Care

You can wear the stone near or on the body or place an Orgonite pyramid Peridot in a place that is relevant to you. This special stone is also the birthstone of the month of August, so August born Leos and Virgos may want to always carry it with them as a Peridot Birthstone Pendant or Peridot Birthstone Ring.

You can place the stone on the body and could be effective if you place it near your liver. Please note that the Peridot may not harmonize well with other stones; the stone could become the dominant energy. The mineral would also not be able to withstand bright sunlight and fluctuations in temperature.

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