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Flower of Life: Sacred Geometry and the Mysteries of the Universe

By Maggie 17 December 2021
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The Flower of Life is a mysterious yet universal symbol. In this blog we will tell you about the secrets it contains and the spiritual meaning of the Flower of Life symbol.

flower of life meditation cushion

The Flower of Life is believed to be a powerful symbol that not only connects all living beings, but also explains that connection. In addition to this, many people also see it as a protective or even purifying symbol. In fact, the Flower of Life holds many secrets. Have you ever wondered how the Universe works? Some people see the Flower of Life as a sort of blueprint for this! Throughout the centuries, the Flower of Life has played a role in cultures all over the world. It’s full of mysteries that will enchant you every time you look at it. Find out in this blog what secrets the Flower of Life holds and how you can use this sign yourself!

silver flower of life pendant

The Flower of Life: Meaning According to Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a belief in which geometric symbols explain the structure of the universe. According to the theory, the working of the universe reveals itself in geometric shapes. We are therefore, just a part of a large geometric pattern, and the Flower of Life lets us take a peek at this mysterious pattern.

At the heart of the Flower of Life pattern, lies the Seed of Life, which is 7 overlapping circles attached at a central point. These seven circles form a grid pattern that is great for energy work. Lay your Golden Triangle Gemstones over it and see what happens! If you repeat the Seed of Life pattern the Flower of Life emerges. The flower is often depicted flat, but when expanded into 3-D, the 5 platonic solids can be found within it. These naturally occurring shapes are important to science today, yet have been found in Sacred Geometry for thousands of years!

altar cloth seed of life with celtic knots

Creation and the Flower of Life

These days, the New Age movements have largely adopted the Flower of Life, but the symbol is actually thousands of years old and can be found in many cultures and religions. For example the Flower of Life appears in the Egyptian temple of Osiris in Abydos, 1,300 BCE. From Iraq’s palace of King Ashurbanipal to China’s Forbidden City, the Flower of Life decorates important sites all over the world. Even within Judeo Christian traditions the Seed of Life at the Flower’s heart connects to the Seven Days of Creation. Believers see the seed’s expanding into the Flower as a symbol of God creating an expansive, but connected universe.

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gold flower of life pendant

The Spiritual Meaning of the Flower of Life and How to Use It

There are many interpretations of the meaning behind this universe encompassing flower. That shouldn’t be too surprising though;  it is so deeply rooted in so many cultures that it would be impossible to sum it all up with just one sentence! It means so much: connectedness, harmony, protection and, of course, creation. The Overlapping circles can even represent the multiple layers that make up organic life: the layers that make up our bodies, or the layers of ecosystems.

Hematite orogonite flower of life pendant

Using the Flower of Life

For many the Flower of Life’s meaning goes even further than just the symbol… They believe in powerful healing and energetic effects. Below you will find some popular and inspiring applications of the Flower of Life.

You could use it:

  • To Counter Radiation
  • As a Focus Point
  • For Purifying Water

Flower of Life Against Radiation

Just like some people believe Orgonite to counter electromagnetic radiation, you could also try the Flower of Life for this. For example, you can buy stickers with the symbol and place them on devices that you use a lot. You can even buy Orgonite with a Flower of Life symbol and try placing it next to the television. Let the electrosmog-free Chill Out begin!

Flower of Life as Focus Point During Yoga and Meditation

Practitioners of yoga and meditation also use the flower of life as a focal point during their sessions. For example, you can choose a Meditation Cushion with the symbol on it or wear the jewelry with the symbol as an accessory. You can buy Flower of Life Pendants, for example in gold and silver or combined with flower of life Chakra Stones. During your practice it may help with:

  • finding physical and mental rest
  • getting to your own core
  • feeling ever-deeper unity
  • ground you and get total focus on what you are doing

chakra stones with flower of lifebox

Flower of Life for Vitalizing and Stabilizing Water

Some people use the Flower of Life to vitalize and stabilize drinking water. According to experts, you can recharge your water, as it were, with the healing power of the Flower of Life. This is thought to remove physical and mental blockages. There are coasters, tea mugs and even drinking glasses with the symbol carved into them to help infuse your water with the power of the Flower of Life. So enough options for everyone!

A Valuable Symbol for Everyone

The world of symbolism seems infinite and there is surely a Lucky Charm, Amulet, or Talisman for every person. In addition to the Flower of Life for example, there is also the Tree of Life which represents infinity. Speaking of all things green, do you know about the luck a Four Leaf Clover can bring? Or maybe you want to turn Eastward for your symbols; check out the Hamsa Hand and Nazar Eye!

The great thing about symbols is that they can connect us all! Which one is your favorite?

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