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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Buy Abalone Shell 

The abalone shell is the shell of a large sea snail, known as the Abalone or the Sea Ear. The shell occurs in many different oceans and is often found on the coast of New-Zealand and South-Africa. The exterior of the shell has a spiral-shaped structure, while the interior has a pearl-like sheen. In the edge of the shell there are five air holes. The shell is used for:

  • Smudging
  • The cleaning of gemstones
  • Meditation and harmony 

Abalone Price

Because we have our own Spiru collection, the Abalone shell price starts at 7 euros. Additionally, there is the option to buy the Abalone with a holder, rock crystals or hematite. If you want the total smudge package, you should choose the Cleanse your Home Package. While buying an Abalone, keep in mind that it is a natural product and that sometimes little pieces are missing on the edge.

Symbolic Power of Abalone Shells

The Abalone is also called paua shell, or Pearl Shell. It is believed that the pearls’ sheen bounces off negative energy. Moreover, for many people, the rainbow sheen represents unity or the seven chakra colours.

Abalone and the Element of Water

In astrology, Abalone is linked to the element of water, because it carries the energy of the sea. In many traditions, water is considered to be the element of cleansing; this can be physically, but also emotionally or spiritually. Which is why, for some people, the shell is the symbol for allowing emotions to come and go.

Smudging with an Abalone Shell

According to tradition, five elements should be present while smudging: water, earth, fire, air and ether, which is why the abalone shell is often used as a dish during smudging. To be able to put a smouldering smudge stick or palo santo in the abalone shell, a layer of sand should be put inside it. Make sure you always place the smudge shell on a fireproof surface. After use, the abalone shell should be cleansed with pure water or under a running tap. The full moon would also do an Abalone good. 

Buying Abalone for Gemstones

The smudge shell is also used for (jewelry with) gemstones. You can clean gemstones by putting them in the Abalone discharge shell with hematite stones. Subsequently, the energy can be charged again with the Abalone charge stone. The rock crystals can be cleansed under softly running water or in a bowl with spring water.

Abalone Shell for Meditation and Harmony

Furthermore, the shell is often used during meditation, because it is believed to have a positive effect on intuition and spiritual and psychological development. For rest and new insights, a candle is lit inside the shell. It is also believed that an Abalone shell could enlarge the harmony between people because of its purifying energy, for example, between employees in the office.

Do it Yourself with the Smudge Shell

Is an energetic cleansing something that speaks to you? We advise you to read our tips and tricks on cleansing your home with white sage. Afterwards, you will be ready to handle your very first stick or holy wood. With our handy smudge necessities, such as feathers, bowls, kettles and coals, you complete the ceremony. Long story short: smudging starts at Spiru!