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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Ritual Bowls

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Ritual Bowl

In the Spiru webshop you will find a number of richly decorated bowls, which are traditionally used for offerings to Buddha or to various gods. Often this concerns offerings such as incense or food, such as fruit. Today, due to their appearance, the bowls also have a decorative function and are used in multiple ways. So you can buy offering bowls for multiple purposes.

Offering Bowls Uses

Offering bowls are used in different ways. For example there are some moks who live inin monasteries who do not work, but only pray. In order to obtain food, they visit villages with an offering bowl. Here the residents give their food as a kind of offering. Then the monks divide the received food among themselves in the monastery. Offering bowls are also used to offer ingredients and herbs to deities. In Eastern countries there are often seven bowls with daily offerings for Buddha or for other various gods. These bowls can be filled with Spiritual Incense, flowers, fruit, water, rice, or candles.

How to Use Offering Bowls Yourself

There are several ways to use sacrificial bowls:

  • On Altars
  • While Smudging
  • Burning Incense or Candles
  • As a Valuables Tray

On Your Altar

By putting together an altar, you create a place for yourself where you can relax. If you don’t know where to start, simply be inspired by the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. An offering bowl always adds a nice touch to your altar. It fulfills the element of earth and you also show good and humble intentions at the same time. Place your favorite gemstones, candles, incense, and other beautiful things,to tailor your altar to your own energy. An altar could help you keep your vibration high, amplify your intentions, and manifest your desires. The more positive attention you give it, the more powerful the altar becomes. For example, you can use an offering bowl to store herbs and flowers as a gift to the guides, angels, and other energies with which you feel connected.

While Smudging

A fireproof dish or an Abalone Shell is often used during Smudging, however, you can also use a small offering bowl to burn White Sage or Palo Santo. Just like using an abalone shell, place a layer of sand in the bowl so that the inside of the offering dish is not damaged. You can also quickly extinguish Smudge Sticks with the sand.

Burning Incense or Candles

In addition to its spiritual meaning, an offering bowl can also be decorative in an interior. They make a beautiful container for burning Candles and Incense. Place a layer of sand in it just as when smudging, so that the incense sticks can stand. Of course you can also burn tea lights in the offering bowls.

As a Valuables Tray

Offering bowls are also very suitable for storing small objects such as precious stones and jewelry. They are often decorated with beautiful symbols, which makes them nice to display in the house. So enough ideas!

Buy Offering Bowls From Spiru

The bowls in our webshop are not heat resistant, so use a fireproof surface when you use them for burning incense, sage, candles or palo santo. It is best to clean these after use with a soft cloth. We have selected the most beautiful offering bowls for our webshop. You can choose from bowls with different spiritual symbols:

  • Flower of Life – Harmony, Protection, Creation and Connection
  • Ganesha – God of knowledge and wisdom, removes obstacles and protector in journeys and new beginnings.
  • Mandala – Magic wheel that serves for inspiration, inner enrichment and awareness of infinity and connection with everything around you.
  • Prosperity SymbolsLotus Flower, Vase of Treasures, Victory Banner, Parasol, Dharma Wheel, Golden Fish, Infinite Knot and Shell.

More Ritual Objects and Altar

Interested in the offering bowl? Then take a look at our other Ritual Objects or order an altar to place your bowl. Dress up your Zen spot so that you feel comfortable with it. With the right intention you are always on the right path. Your altar begins with Spiru’s spiritual products.