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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Chakra Pendulums

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7 Chakra Pendulums

Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’. The chakras are the energy centers in your body. Most traditions identify seven chakras. Each chakra has its own properties. Together they form a system. The chakras work together and also affect each other.

The Chakras

The chakras are actually connected to different areas in your life. The first chakra is related to your survival instinct and the second is connected to your creativity. The third is linked to your self-esteem and the fourth is connected to your heart. Chakra five is your communication ability, six gives you insights and the seventh can connect you with a higher consciousness. Chakras can therefore be felt in your body and can be interpreted based on your behavior.

The 7 Chakras and their Associated Colors

To influence or to familiarize yourself with your chakras, special colors and gemstones are often used. The most common colors and gemstones are:

1st chakra: red – Red Jasper
2nd chakra: orange – Peach Aventurine, Carnelian, Orange Calcite
3rd chakra: yellow – Gold Quartz, Citrine, Yellow Agate, Yellow Jasper
4th chakra: green – Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine
5th chakra: blue – Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Chalcedony
6th chakra: indigo – Amethyst, Gray-Blue Agate
7th chakra: violet – Rock Crystal or Amethyst

Different Types of Chakra Pendulums

At Spiru you’ll find a beautiful assortment of Chakra Pendulums for sale, that may help you gain a better understanding of your chakra system! There are chakra pendulums with different shapes, types of stone, and symbols. There is also a wide choice of gemstones and minerals that they are made from. If you like gems, maybe you would like a pendulum with chakra stones! For example an Amethyst Chakra Pendulum could be used to stimulate your spiritual connections. Do you want to be equally connected with all your chakras?   Then a pendant holder with 7 loose gemstones may be right for you!

Choose with your Intuition from a Wide Assortment

Choosing a pendulum can be tricky. There are many elements at work. The shape needs to appeal to you, such as a ball or facet. Then there’s the materials! Some pendulum users feel a connection to wood, metal, or orgonite. Gemstones are also popular. It can also be nice to have a different gemstone pendulum for each type of question. Because you will be working with your subconscious, always choose a pendulum based on intuition and feeling. A pendulum is yours and yours alone. If you want to get started with chakras, choose from our assortment of Chakra Pendulums. We have different types and sizes, so that there is always a pendulum that suits you.

More for your Chakra System at Spiru

In addition to pendulums, Spiru sells many more beautiful chakra products. For example, do you really like gemstones? Then our sets of Chakra Stones are worth checking out. Or take a look at our Meditation Cushions and Yoga Clothing. Would you rather use scent to connect to your Chakras? We’ve got you covered: a fragrant Chakra Candle would be perfect! Spiru’s products stimulate your chakra system!