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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Boading Balls

Chinese Boading Balls, also called Meridian Balls, are known in China as one of the “three treasures of Boading.” Meridian balls can be relaxing when you let them twirl gently in your hand. Try rotating the balls both clockwise and counterclockwise through your hands and you will find that your hands will become more agile. With some practice, it is possible to move the balls around without touching each other. You can use the meridian balls while meditating to stimulate relaxation.

Where Do Boading Balls Come From?

Originally, two walnuts were used to stimulate relaxation by spinning them in one’s palm. It was only much later that the spherical shape emerged. These became so popular that emperor Jia Jing decided to investigate how they worked and stimulated energy. Later still, a hollow metal variety was invented, some even with a special mechanism inside that makes a relaxing sound. Throughout the centuries, Boading Balls have become an integral part of Chinese culture.

Soothing Effects of Boading Balls

According to the Jingluo theory of classical Chinese medicine, the fingertips are connected to the most important organs and senses in the body through meridians (energy pathways). The life energy “Qi” flows through these meridians and there are pressure points at the ends of each. Moving the meridian balls in the palm acts like a massage and stimulates the different zones. It is believed that the released energy is carried to the different parts of the body via the meridians. This is thought to have a soothing effect on various ailments and discomforts.

Practicing with Boading Balls

You can buy meridian balls in different sizes. There are solid Boading Balls, but also lighter hollow balls. Start with smaller, lighter, balls. You can switch to larger meridian balls once you become accustomed to them, or order multiple pairs to practice with. Even if you have small hands, you can still practice meridian hand massage using small Boading balls. With your fingers you let the balls alternately turn left and right in the hands. They are meant not to touch each other. This way you learn to spin the balls up to the fingertips. Over time, you will notice that the hands and fingers become more flexible and agile.

Other Positive Effects of Boading Balls

Besides the fact that it could lead to the maintenance and restoration of the Qi flow, as well as the distribution of life energy among important organs, according to enthusiasts, the massage balls from China have other positive effects:

  • promote blood circulation in your body
  • have a calming effect
  • easing muscles in hands and fingers, wrists and other connective tissues
  • training both hemispheres of the brain by practicing both left and right hands
  • increase strength in hands due to the weight of the bullets
  • improving concentration and coordination

Spiru Assortment

At Spiru we have a collection of Chinese Boading Balls that come in pairs. The balls are beautifully decorated and are stored in a handy silk box. You can order meridian balls in the following materials:

  • Metal – Metal Boading Balls are made of enameled metal and are available in various colors. They have a bell or spiral inside that makes a sound.
  • Chrome – These are advanced Meridian Balls. They are extra heavy because they are not hollow inside and are therefore more challenging.
  • Stone – Made of different types of stone, such as marble or gemstone, these beautiful meridian massagers provide more grip due to the roughness of the stone.
  • Wood – Made from various hardwoods, such as wenge, these balls are very light.

Jade Meridian Bullets

Jade is a beautiful type of stone that is available in different colors. Spiru’s jade massage balls come from Afghanistan. They are high quality solid bullets and they have a diameter of about 5 cm. Jade is believed by many to be a stone that brings harmony and prosperity and is said to have a purifying and protective effect. In addition, it could lead to happiness, balance and prosperity.

Boading Balls with Yin Yang Symbol

The Yin-Yang sign comes from Taoism, a Chinese philosophical and religious movement. Tao stands for the eternal, the unlimited and for the basis of everything. It represents good and evil, the earth and heaven, the soul, the primal power, the creation, the nothing and the everything. The aim is to bring people into complete harmony with nature and the universe. Taoism also believes in rebirth. This reincarnation continues until man has become one with the universe, the nothing and the everything. Only then one has attained immortality and the cycle ceases.

Maintaining Your Boading Balls

After finding the best Boading Balls for you, it’s important to take care of them. Some meridian balls are maintained by cleaning them with a Natural Soap, rubbing with petroleum jelly, or oiling them and then rubbing well to remove the grease and soap residue. The chrome-plated steel balls are easy to maintain with a dry cloth and a small amount of chrome polish or oil. This way you prevent rust formation. It is best to store the meridian balls in the supplied box.

Meditation Products

Do you want to order Chinese Boading Balls? Then it is useful to go through some meridian balls exercises, so that you can master this trick in no time. Are you interested in meditating and are you looking for useful products to support this? Then take a look at our Meditation Products. Spiru products make it easy for you to relax.