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Ganesha Statues

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Ganesha Statue

Ganesha, also known as Ganesh or Ganapati Tantra, is a Hindu god. You can recognize him by his elephant head and big belly. In Indian philosophy, Ganesha is the patron protector of travelers, artists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs. He stands at intersections all over India to help people take new roads. You can now also easily buy a Lord Ganesha statue online. This way you are always assured of a safe journey!

What Ganesha Looks Like

Hindu God Ganesh statues have a number of general characteristics, but his elephant’s head and big belly are never missing. Usually Ganesha wears an Ohm sign for wisdom on his forehead and he has several arms. In one of his hands he holds sweets and sometimes a rat is depicted at his feet.

The Four Hands of Ganesha: What They Mean

Ganesha’s trunk and ears signify wisdom. He has four hands, each with a special meaning:

  • Lower left hand: Ganesha loves good food, so he often holds a container of his favorite Modaka confectionery or laddoos (sweet balls). This symbolizes the sweet reward you will receive for walking the path of enlightenment and living a wise and upright life.
  • Upper left hand: Here he is holding a rope or lasso. This symbolizes catching evil and taming your mind and keeping it under control.
  • Lower right hand: Ganesha has one tusk and holds the other broken tusk in his hand. This symbolizes the preservation of the good and distancing oneself from the bad. In addition to this, it represents the life lessons that cross your path and the making of sacrifices.
  • Top right hand: In this hand he holds an axe or hatchet. This weapon symbolizes liberating man from bondage.

How to Use a Ganesha Statue

Hindus worship Ganesha at important life events. Many Hindus pray to Ganesha when they start something new, such as a new job or a move. According to the stories, the good-natured elephant god removes obstacles. These are not necessarily literal physical objects, but often negative thoughts or fears. For example, would you like to move or look for another job, but are dreading it? Ganesha could provide courage and inspiration if you need it.

Ganesh Charthutic

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu holiday that celebrates the birth of Ganesha. This day falls every year in August or September. Ganesha is worshiped by many people as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good luck. This celebration lasts for ten days, until the fourteenth day of the waxing moon. On the first day, a bath is taken for purification and a statue of Ganesha is bought. At home, the image is usually placed on an altar and decorated. In the morning and in the evening the statue is worshiped and provided with offerings (especially sweets). On the last day of the feast, the statue is often taken down and thrown into the water of the nearest river, lake, or sea.

Buy Ganesha Statues at Spiru

At Spiru you will find an extensive collection of authentic and traditional Hindu Ganesha statues. You can choose from different materials, sizes and price ranges. Think of a large statue for your yoga school or a small Ganesha statue as a housewarming gift or to celebrate a new job. There are even Ganeshas that fit right in your glove compartment. In addition to Ganeshas, ​​you can also buy Shiva Statues, Buddha Statues or Angel Statues. An inspiring interior starts with Spiru!