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Tuning Forks

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Tuning forks are two-handed, metal forks. When you hit a tuning fork, it produces a vibration in a certain pitch. So the fork is tuned in a certain frequency. He is so produced that he never deviates from his tone. This allows you to ‘tune in’ to it.

Tuning forks are used in music, but also in medical applications or energy therapy. Doctors use it to test hearing loss or neurological disorders. Energetic therapists treat blockades or disturbances, for example.
Tuning forks for healing
Tuning forks give off a certain vibration per second, the number of Hertz (Hz). In holistic traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Wicca, this frequency of vibration is seen as energy. According to holism, everything consists of energy. You can perceive them with your senses: you feel your body and hear a piece of music. There are also more subtle forms of energy. These are for example emotions, thoughts, words or intentions. Just like different pitches, there are also different energy frequencies. Some can easily be felt in your physical body, others require more concentration.

According to these principles, everything in the world is receiver and emitter of energy. So you can ‘heal’ certain parts of yourself or another with vibrations. These can be physical complaints, such as inflammation or pain. And thus also more subtle disturbances, such as psychological or spiritual problems. In holism, everything is connected. You can therefore use sound to heal the mind through the body, and vice versa!

Moved and unweighted
Each tuning fork has its own effect. Physical healing is often done with weighted forks. They have round weights at the end. They are heavy and have a strong vibration and long-lasting tone. Unweighted forks have no weights and are therefore lighter. They also give a short sound. The latter then responds more to the emotional, mental or spiritual level.

Tuning forks are used in tuning fork therapy (phonophoresis), music and sound therapy, polarity therapy, gemstone and crystal therapy, Feng Shui, acupuncture and yoga. So you can do a lot with it!
Tuning fork types
There are different types of forks for healing: harmonic forks, OM forksand chakra forks.┬áThe latter are also known as Hans Cousto’s plane frequencies .

Harmonic tuning forks
They are tuned to the harmonic scale of Pythagoras, also called the Western scale. These tuning forks are said to work on the physical level.
>Chakra tuning forks / Planing frequencies
The Chakra tuning forks are not tuned to a musical scale, but to mathematical calculations of our solar system. So these instruments produce the vibration of our planets. This energy is subtle and has an effect on invisible layers. These are also known as our astral or spiritual bodies.

OM tuning forks
These instruments are tuned to the Ohm sound, at 136.10 Hz. According to Hinduism, this is the primal vibration of the universe. The OM fork is used for relaxing and activating crystals and gems.

How do you use a tuning fork?
Activator or beater
A vocal fork can be set to an activator or with a rubber beater. There are different types of activators. Some can be laid on the table, others can be attached to the upper leg. The table version is useful when working in a sitting position. If you are working massively or standing up, a bone strap is pleasant.

Audio and video
Are you interested in sound healing, but are you a beginner? Spiru also sells a introductory kit. There are also books, CD’s and dvd’s available with more explanation.
Spiru Sound
In addition to tuning forks, Spiru also has a beautiful collection of sound bowls and rods, bells, gongs and tingshas. Of course, equipped with the necessary accessories. What about our unique Oriental cushions and coasters? For healing sound, Spiru is the right place for you!