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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Wind Chimes

You have undoubtedly heard the sounds of a wind chime. A wind chime is a nice addition for indoors or outdoors. Many people choose to hang an outdoor wind chime in the garden or on the balcony, so that the wind can blow through them which creates a beautiful and soothing sound. A wind chime in and around the house provides relaxation. You can buy a wind chime for yourself or give it to someone else as a gift. In addition, you will find these singing atmosphere creators for modest prices in our webshop, because everyone should be able to enjoy the relaxing vibes of cheerful chimes!

Wind Chimes from Spiru

The sounds that wind chimes produce are a feast for the ears. The sounds differ per material and size. The quality of the sound is important, because you don’t want to be continuously annoyed by a sound that doesn’t appeal to you. Moreover, wind chimes are a nice addition to the interior indoors or outdoors and they are available in all kinds, shapes and sizes. The material is very important to the sound! At Spiru you can choose from the following materials:

  • Bamboo Wind Chimes
  • Wooden Wind Chimes
  • Metal Wind Chimes

Bamboo Wind Chimes

The bamboo wind chimes are often referred to as an Indonesian wind chime. The bamboo wind chimes or Indonesian wind chimes are – as you can guess – made of bamboo. Due to the hollow tubes, this material is very suitable for producing sounds. The hollow bamboo tubes are cut to different lengths so that they each produce a warm soothing sound of a different pitch. You can maintain them by occasionally greasing the Indonesian wind chimes with bamboo oil. If you use them as garden wind chimes, it is recommended to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight, so that they will last a lot longer. If you live in a noisy environment, where many cars drive or planes fly, you can protect your home with a bamboo wind chime. It is made of cheap, natural, environmentally friendly material and is said to absorb a lot of noise.

Wooden Wind Chimes

Wooden wind chimes produce lower sounds than metal wind chimes. Wood is one of the natural elements of feng shui. At Spiru you will find bird shaped wind chimes made of wood, but we also have various wooden wind chimes with a bird house on top. For an extra cozy feeling!

Metal Wind Chimes

The sound of the aluminum tubes are said to have Yang energy. The sound of clanging metal would therefore work well against illness and negativity. The vibration of metal is said to be effective in dissipating negative energy. It is also said that you could cleanse the energy in a room by walking clockwise with clinking metal. In the long run you could even hear when the room has been cleared by the sound of the chimes.

The Influence of Sound

According to various theories, sounds have a major impact on us and our well-being. Sound vibrations may even penetrate our bone structures. According to researchers, rhythmic sounds make you want to move and they release dopamine and even oxytocin if you can enjoy sounds together with someone else. In addition, music could connect both hemispheres of the brain. Holistic traditions believe that everything in your body has a certain vibrational frequency and gives off energy. Because of this many believe that sound can set something in motion on an energetic level. Sound therapy and sound healing are intended for deep relaxation and the release of emotions or waste products. Sounds also have a great impact on Feng Shui in a house. When sound enters the house, the energy would change almost unnoticed. Wind chimes are a favorite tool for many to achieve these effects.

How a Wind Chimes Works

A wind chime produces a mystical and cheerful sound. The pattern of the sounds is determined by its material. A wind chime is specially intended to be played by the wind. The wind force determines the volume of the sound. The whistling of the wind through the chimes has a soothing sound effect. For a playful effect, you can decorate the garden with a number of different garden chimes. This creates – if all is well – a beautiful harmonic sound. You don’t even have to go outside for this; how wonderful is it to fall asleep in your bed to meditative sounds?

The Original Use of Wind Chimes

Originally, the wind chimes were mainly used in Asian countries to keep evil spirits at bay and to attract good spirits. In addition, the wind chimes were also used for weather forecasts: By a small change in the melody of the sounds, the weather conditions could be detected.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are often used for good Feng Shui in and around the house. According to Chinese Feng Shui, sound helps energy to flow properly. By walking through the house with a sounding gong, singing, or ringing cheerful bells, you would notice the positive effects almost immediately. According to this practice, wind chimes may:

  • Activate the yang energy
  • Protect against negative energy
  • Promote the circulation of chi

Hanging Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

In Feng Shui there are a number of guidelines for hanging the wind chimes. You should take into account the material, the design, the number of tubes or rods, the bells, and the symbols. In the Chinese tradition, the material and Bagua element are important for determining the place and which wind direction you want to hang your chimes. It is best to hang a metal wind chime in the west, northwest or north. In the southwest and northeast ceramic wind chimes would be better, and in the southeast, south or east wooden or bamboo wind chimes are preferred.

Where can you hang a wind chime?

Because of the wind element, it is obvious that you hang a wind chime in the garden. The instrument needs the wind to produce beautiful sounds. Nowadays some people also just hang the wind chimes indoors. Many wind chimes have a knocker that you can crank yourself, so you can still enjoy beautiful tunes indoors without wind. As you know by now, the wind chimes could improve the energy flow in space, but if you placed the wind chimes too close to the front door, the energy would not be able to get in. Chimes could also cause unrest above the bed. But above all, it is important that the wind chimes hang in a place that feels good to you and make a sound that you enjoy.

Other Uses for Wind Chimes

In addition to just being pleasant to listen to, you may be able to center yourself better through the beautiful sound of the wind chimes. They provide a calming atmosphere inside or around the house. In addition, the wind chimes are also regularly used for musical support such as healing, relaxing, and meditation. And of course, they’re also a cheerful decoration in the house or in the garden.

Wind Chime Sizes

The size of the wind chimes could also affect the sound. With longer tubes, the sound would be lower than that of a small wind chimes with shorter tubes or rods. But whether you go for the large or small wind chimes, choose a sound that appeals to you.

More Beautiful Sounds at Spiru

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