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Crystal Singing Bowl

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These singing bowls, also called crystal sound bowls, are of the highest quality. Crystal singing bowls are made of virtually 100 percent pure quartz sand. By heating this up to 4000 degrees, the separate particles fuse. The material is then poured into special molds. The bowls that result from this are then sanded and polished until they produce a certain key. The size of the bowl partly determines the pitch: a small, thin-walled bowl produces a higher tone than that of a large, thick-walled bowl. The tones of the crystal singing bowls may create more balance and harmony, both physically and mentally.

Unique Pitches of Crystal Singing Bowls

The tone of the singing bowl can always deviate slightly from the exact pitch. Depending on the rim height, thickness, and weight of the shell, a particular format can sometimes be available in more than one pitch. The tone also depends on the manufacturing process and the availability and precision of tuning. If you are unsure what tone you would like to have from your crystal singing bowl, sets are also available with a variety of tones.

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls

Gently tap the outside of the bowl. Stroke the top edge in the direction that feels right, like making a crystal glass sing. Never play a crystal singing bowl too loudly and also keep in mind that metal pins or stainless steel joint parts in the body can cause discomfort or pain while playing the crystal bowls. If several crystal singing bowls that are perfectly tuned to each other are played simultaneously, beautiful harmonious sounds can be created. Place the crystal singing bowls at least 30 cm apart so that they do not crack.

Effects of Crystal Singing Bowls

Deep tones generally have a grounding and relaxing effect, while the higher tones are invigorating and cleansing. Yet everyone reacts differently to a tone, so the effect of the singing bowl can differ per person. All singing bowls, Mallets and Bows give different sounds and can combine for unique effects. To test different keys and effects, try different Mallets made of leather, rubber, wool and felt. Do not use a bare wooden mallet with crystal singing bowls.

Experience the Benefits of Playing

The relaxing and healing effects are often believed to be enhanced by singing along or visualizing the desired results. Thoughts are a form of energy that attract similar energies to them. The interaction between thought power and crystal vibrations may make our thoughts more harmonious. This can lead to a harmonious cooperation between body and mind. According to some, the power of positive intention along with the sound of the crystal bowls could provide different types of healing.

Best Result with Good Preparation

By unwinding a bit first, you will probably get a better result. For example, you could first do a simple breathing exercise. Next, imagine that you and the singing bowl are surrounded by a bright white (or other color) light, streaming in. A positive affirmation in the present tense can also help by helping you focus your thoughts on the goal.

Playing a Crystal Singing Bowl: Duration Matters

To prevent too much energy and to be able to process the changes in energy and vibrations, it is better not to play the crystal singing bowl for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. You should then take a break of at least 15 minutes.

Singing Bowls and the Chakras

Each chakra corresponds to a certain key: C, D, E, F, G A or B. Smaller singing bowls give a higher tone and belong to a higher chakra. The opposite is true for the larger singing bowls with a deep tone. These are the seven chakras and their properties:

  • First Chakra – Grounding
  • Second Chakra – Creation
  • Third Chakra – Self-esteem
  • Fourth Chakra – Love and Overall Health
  • Fifth Chakra – Communication and Creativity
  • Sixth Chakra – Intuition and Mental Processes
  • Seventh Chakra – Spirituality and Higher Self Connection

Crystal Singing Bowls: Sets for more beautiful sounds

Are you planning to buy crystal singing bowls? You can buy them individually or in sets of bowls. Complete your crystal singing bowl set with a matching crystal bow and a special Cushion or Coaster to hold it on. Are you planning to take the singing bowls with you? Then a special carrying bag can be useful. Also take a look at the Wind Chimes or Tingshas. You can relax with sound at Spiru.