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Sound Tubes

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Buying Sound Tubes Online
Singing rods or tubes are round, hollow cylinders of metal. Rods are attached to a wire above a wooden base. Tubes, on the other hand, hang freely in the air. When you hit a sound bar, it produces a vibration in a certain pitch. He is thus voted in a certain frequency. The hollow pipe is produced in such a way that it never deviates from its tone. This allows you to ‘tune in’ to it.

Sound bars are not only used in music, but also in energetic therapy. That’s why they are also called Energy Chimes . With these instruments, for example, blockades or disturbances are treated.
Sounding rods for healing
Sound bars emit a certain vibration per second, the number of Hertz (Hz). In holistic traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Wicca, this frequency of vibration is seen as energy. According to holism, everything consists of energy. You can perceive them with your senses: you feel your body or hear a piece of music. There are also more subtle forms of energy. These are for example emotions, thoughts, words or intentions. Just like different pitches, there are also different energy frequencies. Some can easily be felt in your physical body, others require more concentration.

According to these principles, everything in the world is receiver and emitter of energy. So you can ‘heal’ certain parts of yourself or another with vibrations. These can be physical complaints, such as inflammation or pain. And thus also more subtle disturbances, such as psychological or spiritual problems. In holism, everything is connected. You can therefore use sound to heal the mind through the body, and vice versa!

Sound tubes and rods are used in music and sound therapy, chakra-balancing, Nada Yoga, Feng Shui, gemstone and crystal therapy or during massage, meditation or relaxation. The Ohm bars are also ideal for singing along, chanting or reciting the ohm mantra. So you can do a lot with it!
Sound bars types
There are different types of bars and tubes:

Chakra Sound bars
Healing sound bars based on the notes and base frequencies of the 7 chakras. All the sounds of the rainbow!
Sound bars planet
Rods that are tuned to vibrations and frequencies of our solar system. These are therefore astrological instruments
English Sound bars
Sound bars tuned to pure, high angelic frequencies.
Ohm Sound tubes
Produce variations of the Ohm frequency. According to Hinduism, this sound is the primal vibration of the universe. The Ohm tube is used for relaxation and activation of crystals and gemstones.
Harmonic Sound Tubes
Sounding tubes tuned in tones from the western scale. For example according to the Perfect Quint or the perfect fifth..

How to use a sound bar?
Most sound bars are supplied with a wooden beater. The hanging sound tubes are attached with a rubber hammer. This is also included.

Our sound bars are delivered in a beautiful storage box. A wooden stand will be added to the sound tubes to hang them up.
Spiru SoundSpiru
Besides bars and tubes, Spiru also has a beautiful collection sounding bowls, stem forks, bubbles, gongs and tingsha’s. Of course, equipped with the necessary accessories. How about our unique Oriental pillows and coasters? Spiru is the place to be for healing sound and inspiring sound!